Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun Review

There are plenty of massage guns on the market but the Bob and Brad T2 massage gun is an affordable model for the average user. But what makes it worthy of your consideration? Here are our thoughts on the T2 and how it compares to other Bob and Brad models.

Percussive massage can not only help relieve stress and tension, but it can wake up tired muscles, speed recovery after workouts, and help relieve pressure points. A handheld massage gun is the best way to enjoy percussive massage at home and, with the right massage head attachments, you can customize the massage to your specific needs. 

Introducing Bob and Brad

Bob and Brad holding Massage Gun
Image: Bob and Brad/Facebook

Bob and Brad are physical therapists who set out to make functional health and fitness gear readily available to those who need it. In addition to physical therapy and workout tools, Bob and Brad offer a variety of massage equipment including handheld massage guns, foot massagers, and back and neck massagers.

Bob and Brad currently offer the following massage gun models; 

  • Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun
  • Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun 
  • Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun 
  • Bob and Brad X6 Pro Massage Gun 

While Bob and Brad sell some of their workout equipment directly through their website, Amazon is the best place to find their massage tools like the T2 massage gun.

About the Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun 

I personally tested three of the Bob and Brad massage gun models listed above, including the T2. Throughout the process, I evaluated each massage gun individually and tested them side-by-side to determine what makes each model unique. 

The Bob and Brad T2 massage gun is a modestly sized option that offers up to three hours of working time. The carrying case is compact and efficient, making the T2 a good option for travel if you’re looking for something more powerful than the Q2 Mini. 

Product Specs

bob and brad massage gun
  • Size: 5.4×2.4×7.6 inches 
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Battery: 2600mAh 
  • Working Time: 3 hours
  • Charging Time: 270 minutes
  • Speed: 2000 to 3200 RPM
  • Settings: 5
  • Attachments: 5

The Bob and Brad T2 massage gun seems to be a hybrid of the compact Q2 Mini and the full-size X6 Pro. I would describe it as a medium-sized model that is still fairly lightweight at about 1.5 pounds. It offers the same five speed settings and standard attachments as both the Q2 Mini and the X6 Pro. 

Design and Quality 

Bob and Brad massage guns are pretty standard in terms of their appearance and design but they seem to deliver consistent and reliable performance. The T2 is sized midway between the Q2 Mini and the X6 Pro, weighing in around 1.5 pounds. 

The T2 looks pretty similar to other massage guns. I found it to be solidly constructed with a rubberized handle and sturdy, shiny plastic ends. There aren’t any protruding parts or visible screws, so it seems pretty well put together. In terms of aesthetics, it’s a little more attractive than the X6 Pro simply because it doesn’t have the vent on the top. 

Like all Bob and Brad massage guns, the T2 is designed to operate quietly. It’s slightly louder than the Q2 Mini but is still advertised as running under 55dB. It has a single button you can use to turn the device on and to switch between the five speed settings. 

When testing the T2 massage gun, I found the ergonomics to be somewhat lacking. The handle is shorter than that of the X6 Pro, but it has the same handle shape that isn’t completely rounded. It felt a little awkward in my small hands but might work well for those with larger hands. The rubberized grip does, however, make the device easy to keep hold of. 

Battery and Operation

The T2 massage gun has a 2600mAh battery capacity which is larger than that of the Q2 Mini and, somewhat surprisingly, the X6 Pro. It has a charge time of 270 minutes and a run time up to 3 hours. Like the Q2 Mini, this massage gun has a USB charging cable which can be convenient for on-the-go use. 

Though the T2 has a slightly higher capacity battery than the Q2 and the X6 Pro, it still only lasts for 2 to 3 hours of continuous use. It’s also worth noting that the charge time is pretty long at 270 minutes or about 4.5 hours. 

All five speed settings on the T2 worked smoothly, though I didn’t notice a terribly significant difference among them. This may have something to do with the fact that the device only has a 10mm amplitude. Amplitude determines the depth to which the percussive force can penetrate the muscles. It’s an improvement over the 6mm amplitude of the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun but the same as the pricier X6 Pro. 

As was true for the Q2 Mini and the X6 Pro, I didn’t notice a significant difference among the five speed settings. It was easy to toggle among them using the power button on the back of the massage head, however. I appreciated the bright LED indicator lights for the speed setting and battery life.

Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun graphic
Image: Bob and Brad/Facebook

What’s Included in the Box? 

Like all Bob and Brad massage guns, the T2 comes with a zippered carrying case. The case is a nice heather gray color and has room to accommodate the massage gun, the charger, and all five massage attachments without any wasted space. 

Included with the Q2 are the following attachments: 

  1. Ball Head
  2. Fork Head
  3. Bullet Head
  4. Flat Head
  5. Air Cushion Head

The user manual offers suggestions for how to use each of these attachments. The attachments themselves are easy to install and remove. They’re functionally the same as those included with the X6 Pro, so they could be used interchangeably if you happened to have both models.

Pros and Cons 

The T2 may not be the ideal choice for those looking for a high-performance massage gun, but it offers consistent performance and excellent value for general use. Before deciding whether the T2 massage gun is the right choice for you, consider the pros and cons. 

Pros for the T2

  • Thoughtfully and attractively designed
  • Five speed settings up to 3200 RPM
  • Fairly lightweight at just 1.5 pounds
  • Rubberized handle for a firm grip
  • Comes with carrying case and 5 attachments

Cons for the T2

  • Fairly long charge time
  • Limited amplitude of 10mm 
  • May not be powerful enough for deep massage

Every massage gun has its advantages and disadvantages, so one Bob and Brad model isn’t necessarily better than any other. It all depends on what you’re looking for and which model best suits your needs. If the Q2 Mini doesn’t seem like the perfect fit, consider a larger Bob and Brad model like the T2 or the X6 Pro. 

Final Verdict on the T2 

The Bob and Brad T2 massage gun is a larger, more powerful model than the Q2 Mini. I actually think it may even offer better value than the X6 Pro. It’s lighter weight, has a shorter handle, and offers the same five speed settings and 10mm amplitude. The T2 certainly isn’t the most powerful massage gun on the market but it offers consistent performance. The affordable price point that puts it a step above products with similar specifications.

Bob and Brad offer four exceptional choices in handheld percussion massagers at a modest price point. If you’re looking for something a little more powerful, however, and you have a slightly higher budget, we recommend checking out the VYBE Pro massage gun.

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