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Does Getting a Massage Burn Calories? Here’s How Much You Can Burn

Your body requires energy to function, and energy is created by burning the calories in fat reserves that are stored in your body. The harder the activity, the more calories you end up burning during a workout or activity. But can you burn calories when enjoying a soothing type of activity? Does massage burn calories, and

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How to Use Massage Oil

How to Use Massage Oil in Your Relaxing At-Home Routines Ahh, massages. They can add some relaxation into your evening after a long work day or help loosen up some tight muscles after a workout. Either way you massage, enhance it with some massage oil.  You may be wondering: do I even need massage oil?

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opove M3 Pro review

opove M3 Pro Review

The opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Massage guns are emerging as a must-have device for anyone that’s looking to recover faster and prevent soreness post workout. With all the hype going to the Theragun and Hypervolt nowadays, it’s easy to overlook the equally fantastic, lesser priced alternatives. In this post, we go hands on with

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