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Is It Okay to Massage a Pulled Muscle? Here’s What the Experts Say

We’ve all pulled a muscle at some point. This can include straining your lower back, tweaking your neck or pulling your hamstring. Some are more serious than others, yet they all involve throbbing, sometimes sharp pain, and need treatment in one form or another.  If you’ve got a mildly strained muscle, the recommendation has generally …

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How to Use Massage Oil

How to Use Massage Oil in Your Relaxing At-Home Routines Ahh, massages. They can add some relaxation into your evening after a long work day or help loosen up some tight muscles after a workout. Either way you massage, enhance it with some massage oil.  You may be wondering: do I even need massage oil? …

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What Causes Calf Pain?

The calf is the muscle located on the back of your leg, just below the knee. Though you may think of it as a single muscle, it’s actually made up of three: the gastrocnemius, soleus, and plantaris. Calf pain is often related to one or more of these calf muscles, but could also be secondary …

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Why Do Muscles Get Sore?

Nothing is better than the feeling of satisfaction you get after a great workout. Unfortunately, with that satisfaction likely comes soreness. Feeling exhausted after a workout is physical confirmation that you’ve done something right, but why do you feel sore after one workout and not another? And what causes your muscles to get sore, anyway? …

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