Darkiron Massage Gun Review: Is This the Massage Gun for You?

If tension, headaches, neck pain and sore muscles are becoming a problem for you, you may want to consider using a massage gun for lasting relief. One of the most popular massage guns on the market is the Darkiron. Today, we’re going to provide a full Darkiron massage gun review and discuss its features.


  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Battery Life: 2 – 4 hours on a single charge
  • Battery Capacity: 2500mah high-quality lithium battery
  • Stall Force: 35 pounds maximum
  • Stroke Length: 16 millimeters
  • Percussions / Speed Level: 1750 – 2500 parts per million
  • Number of Attachments: 15
  • Noise Level: 50 – 65 decibels
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds

First Impression

darkiron massage gun with attachments

The Darkiron massager has a sleek look and comes with a modern traveling case. It’s manufactured with plastic and carbon fiber and there’s also a little case that holds all of the attachments.  

The Dakiron Massage Gun also comes with extra rubber gaskets for the attachments. After some use, the attachments will wear out and the inclusion of replacements by the company is admirable. Not only do you have all you need to replace the attachments, but it only takes a minute or two to replace them.

At the top, there’s a power indicator which can be seen by the green bars. A timer is located in the center of the screen, with a battery charge icon right above it. Beside the first icon, there’s the Applied Pressure Indicator which is depicted by the dots underneath the timer. Red bars below the screen depict the speed indicators.

Size, Weight and Build

The Darkiron budget massage gun is the perfect size for a full-sized massage gun. It isn’t as bulky as the original one because of the shorter handle. Despite its convenient size, this most likely isn’t the greatest setup if you’re aiming for an ergonomic design. 

The handle can cause wrist discomfort if you’re undertaking lengthy massage sessions since it’s a 90-degree T-shaped handle. The handle shape may cause discomfort after prolonged periods of use. This is particularly when the gadget’s high-quality brushless motor bears the brunt of the weight. 

Most manufacturers have recently begun to use a slightly angled style for their massage gun handles. This indicates that ergonomics for this Dark Iron massage gun haven’t been considered.  

The device, on the other hand, weighs roughly 2.1 pounds, which is about standard for most massage guns this size. It’s light and the rubberized handle certainly makes things simpler since you can obtain a firmer grip.


This handheld massager comes with 15 attachments which is far more generous than the standard five that come with almost every other massage gun on the market. 

The trouble is, unless you’re planning on doing a lot of experimenting, you’ll likely only need 5 of the standard attachments. These standard attachments include the ball attachment, bullet, flat, shovel/wedge and fork attachments. 

There are also two Y-shaped heads that are slightly varied in their shape and size. These massage heads are ideal for massaging the arms, legs and shoulders. Additional primary attachments for the bullet attachment, like the elbow head and the arrow head, are available.

The attachments are made of hard plastic, which isn’t the best quality, but will likely last through months or even years of use. That said, we prefer silicone attachments to hard plastic, because they provide a better anti-slip grip for the areas you’re massaging.

In the box you’ll find an instruction manual that provides information about the many types of LCD displays and describes the different attachments and their individual uses for pain relief and management.

Stall Force

The Darkiron Massage Gun has an average stall force of 30 lbs with a maximum of 35 lbs. Though this massage gun is budget-friendly and an overall good pick for the average buyer, it may not be the greatest choice for those looking for a deep massage. 

It’s also not the ideal percussion massage if you have larger muscles that demand a lot of pressure for a deeper massage. That said, if you’re new to the benefits of massage guns, this tool will come in handy for a brief massage for relaxing, easing muscle stiffness or improving blood circulation. 

It’s also great for a sleep massage regimen to help you get better-quality sleep at night. Keep in mind that the stall force is progressive and changes with the settings and attachments you use, with more force coming from the highest speed settings.


According to Darkiron, this massaging device has a 16mm amplitude. Top massage guns have this type of professional stroke length, but at first glance, this massage gun appears to have a limited amplitude.  

It’s certainly not 16mm long and has a relatively small amplitude. It has a more vibratory than percussive sense to it and we can’t say for sure if it’s that long, but as a beginner’s budget massage gun, it performs well.


This may not be the quietest cordless massager on the market, but neither is it the loudest. It’s advertised as going from 30 to 50 decibels which is a decent range. As you actually use it, it can get louder, reaching a peak of around 60 decibels. 

Whenever it’s used, it also shakes quite a bit. However, the rattling isn’t something that should deter you from getting this device over other premium brands and is just apart of using a handheld massager.

Bottom Line

If you’re new to massage guns, the Darkiron Massage Gun is a great starter massager. This is a budget-friendly massage gun that’s great for a beginner looking for some stress relief. It’s also perfect for those who want to start utilizing percussive massages or for those who want a simple massager. 

It not only comes with a carrying bag and a bonus carrying case that makes it easy to store and transport your massage gun, but it’s also simple to use and comes with multiple attachments to give you the best pain and stress relief possible. 

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