Exogun DreamPro Review

As you’re recovering from an intense workout or simply relaxing at the end of a long day, a massage feels great. When it’s just you at home by yourself, the best way to give yourself a massage is to use a massage gun. These devices deliver percussive massage which has been shown to relieve stress and tension, boost blood flow, and even speed muscle recovery. The massage gun industry offers no shortage of options. From the pricey Theragun Pro to the more reasonably priced lineup of VYBE massage guns, you may have trouble making up your mind. Today, we’ll take a closer look at a moderately priced option with our Exogun Review

In this Exogun review, you’ll learn some background on the company as well as some of their most popular products. More importantly, however, you’ll get an in-depth look at the Exogun DreamPro to help you determine whether this is the right massage gun for you.

About Exogun Massage Guns

While Exogun might not be the most recognizable brand in the industry, they’ve made a name for themselves when it comes to percussive therapy treatment devices. Their products are designed to relieve pain, enhance performance, and accelerate muscle recovery. They’re also designed for quiet operation and lightweight portability.

Exogun currently offers the following massage products:

  • Exogun DreamPro
  • Exogun Pocket
  • Exogun Wrap

The Exogun DreamPro is a handheld massage gun designed to deliver percussive therapy. With four interchangeable massage heads and generous battery life, this model is a great option. If the DreamPro is a little too big, however, Exogun offers an even more compact model: the Exogun Pocket.

This massage gun is super compact and quiet. It delivers up to 3,000 strokes per minute with 4 levels of speed and an 8mm depth of amplitude. With three hours of battery life, it may not last as long as the DreamPro, but it is lightweight and easy to charge.

A final option is the Exogun Wrap. This is a set of pneumatic compression sleeves to relax and invigorate the muscles in the legs, helping you recover faster.

What Makes the Exogun DreamPro Unique?

A great massage gun delivers powerful percussive force with reliable performance and a long-lasting battery. The Exogun DreamPro features a brushless 24v torque motor which offers a stall force up to 60 pounds and an impressive 16mm stroke length. What’s more, the battery lasts up to a full month.

Product Highlights:

  • Lightweight (2.5 pounds)
  • Brushless 24v torque motor
  • Stall force of 60 pounds
  • Long 16mm stroke length
  • Quiet operation (70db)
  • Six speed settings
  • 1-month battery life

In addition to strong percussive force and generous battery life, the Exogun DreamPro is ergonomically designed and has various settings and accessories to enable you to customize your experience.

Design and Quality

man holding a massage gun in the locker room

Image: Exogun/Facebook

The Exogun DreamPro features a 24v brushless torque motor powered by a rechargeable 2400 mAh battery. The gun delivers up to 3200 percussions per minute with up to 60 pounds of stall force and a 16mm stroke length. This means that you’ll be able to adjust the settings as needed whether you’re looking for general massage or trigger point release.

Not only is the DreamPro’s max RPM higher than the maximum speeds on any Theragun model, but you can adjust it between six different speed settings.

While the DreamPro is ergonomically designed, some find the pistol grip less comfortable than other models like the Theragun. Some users have also commented that it’s a little top heavy which may make it tricky to hold for some people.

In terms of function, the DreamPro is pretty easy to use. Unlike some massage guns, it doesn’t have a dedicated power switch. You’ll need to press and hold the speed control switch to turn the gun on and off or to view the battery level.

Battery and Operation

While the Exogun website claims a 1-month battery life, it’s hard to tell what that means. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the massage gun and then you get between 4 and 6 hours of continuous use. It might mean that the charge lasts for a month on standby.

The Exogun DreamPro offers six different speed settings which is higher than similarly priced models. The noise level is similar to other models as well, around 70db on the highest setting.

Operating the DreamPro is easy once you get the hang of it, but adjusting the speed is a little more difficult than with other models. The back of the gun displays the speed setting and the battery life, but there is only one button you use to make adjustments.

One unique feature this model has to offer is an automatic shut off at 60 PSI. If you’re applying too much pressure when using the gun, it will automatically turn off at 60 pounds per square inch so you don’t end up hurting yourself by accident.

What’s Included in the Box?

exogun massage gun

Image: Exogun/Facebook

When you purchase the Exogun DreamPro, you’ll receive a handy carrying case that includes the gun itself as well as all the necessary accessories. You’ll find the body of the massage gun along with a charging cable and four interchangeable massage head attachments.

Included with this massage gun are the following attachments:

  • Large Ball – This attachment massages large muscles like the hamstrings, chest, and glutes.
  • Flathead – With its flat shape, this attachment released stubborn knots in joints and soft tissues.
  • Arrowhead – Designed for deep-tissue tension, this attachment is long and narrow.
  • Wishbone – This attachment is ideal for massaging around the neck, back, and spine.

These four attachments enable you to completely customize your experience with the DreamPro percussion back massager. Whether you’re warming up your muscles for a workout or releasing specific trigger points, you’ll have the perfect tool for the job.

Is It Right for You?

The Exogun DreamPro is a great choice if you’re looking for a moderately priced massage gun that delivers decent quality and reliable performance. It may not have all the bells and whistles some models have (and only four attachments) but it works well for what it’s designed to do. If you’re looking for a massage gun to travel with, the DreamPro is heavier than some but comes with a carrying case.

If the Exogun DreamPro doesn’t seem like the perfect fit, don’t worry – there are plenty of massage guns out there. In fact, we’ve completed a detailed roundup of some of the best massage guns on the market.

Another model you might like is the VYBE Flex. This handheld percussion back massager delivers high performance in a compact package ideal for travel. With numerous attachment heads, the VYBE Flex is versatile and it delivers up to 25 pounds of percussive force with 3400 RPM for deep-tissue impact.

Bottom Line

The DreamPro massager is certainly Exogun’s most advanced model, but it may not be the right pick for everyone. With its compact, handheld design, it’s a great pick for athletes and people who travel but it may not offer the versatility in terms of attachments that some massage guns offer.

Whether you end up choosing this massage gun or not, hopefully this Exogun DreamPro review provided you with enough information to make your own decision.

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