How to Reset a Massage Gun the Right Way

There isn’t a whole lot out there on how to reset a massage gun. We looked. 

On one hand, maybe that’s a good thing. On the other hand, it’d be pretty frustrating to find that the massage gun you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on suddenly stopped working, especially when you’re in the midst of your wellness journey. 

Of course, there’s always the product manual that comes with the massage gun. However, in a world of search engines and results at our fingertips, are you more likely to pull out the info guide or whip out your phone? 

Good news — after spending time searching across the web, far and wide, we’ve come up with some info and tips that may help you if you ever find yourself googling “how to reset massage gun.”

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Is Your Massage Gun Under Warranty

First things first — is your massage gun under warranty? If so, do not try to take it apart and fix it. 

While there are numerous videos on Youtube that will take you through it step by step, if your gun is still under warranty, you will have just voided it. Not only that, but you might not have the “fix-it” gene. 

It’s worth saying that though most massage guns come with a 1-year warranty, they should last much longer than that. They are expensive pieces of equipment. 

A lot of problems that arise with massage guns are related to care. Make sure you’re following best practices for both the gun itself and the battery. 

Double Check the Power Button

It’s never a bad idea to double check the power button. Many percussive devices have a switch on the bottom and a power button on the back, so even if you think you’ve looked already, do yourself a favor and check again.

How to Reset Massage Gun When It Hits Stall Force

Your percussion massager is a pretty fancy piece of machinery. Its powerful motor allows you to change the percussions per minute so that you can have a more relaxing massage or a deep tissue massage. 

If you prefer the latter and really only use the gun for deep tissue massage, then you may have found that it has a stall force.

Stall force refers to the amount of pressure you can put on the gun before it will stall out. Many have a stall force of between 35lbs and 60lbs. When you reach this amount of pressure, your gun will stall. 

In this case, try turning the gun off and on and it should start up again.  

Battery Issues

Many massage guns come with a rechargeable battery made from lithium-ion and have long lifespans — their battery life is about 300 to 500 charges. Many makers of massage guns also sell replacement batteries, so if you’ve reached the max, you can continue to use your gun. 

If you’ve recently purchased the gun and believe you have a battery issue, you should reach out to the vendor or production company. 

If your battery is too low, your massage gun will not operate. Your massage gun may have a battery level indicator, and it’s helpful to keep an eye on this as you’re using it. 

For example, the Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun has a light ring called the Light Halo on its handle and an LED light panel on the back that both tell you where your battery level is at. 

If you haven’t sufficiently charged the battery, it’s not a matter of how to reset your massage gun so much as it needs to have enough juice to power your gun. So, get it back on the charger.

On that note, we should discuss the importance of using the right charger.  

Using the Right Charger

You should only ever use the charger that came with your device. That’s because chargers are manufactured for a specific battery and are designed around the amount of current needed and charging time. This means that a charger made for one device is probably not going to charge another device properly. On the other hand, another charger is not going to work properly for your device. 

This all has to do with the current, stabilization and termination. The correct charger is going to give your battery the right amount of juice and optimize this process so that your battery is well cared for. It also knows when to call it quits. 

In fact, a good charger is going to help the battery perform well, as well as preserve or improve its life span and prevent damage. What’s more, it’s going to help protect and improve the effectiveness of your device. 


Whether it’s the lithium-ion battery, which has a propensity for overheating, or the fact that you’ve been putting the motor to real work, massage guns can and do overheat. To address this safety issue, most have a built-in safety mechanism that will shut the gun off automatically. 

The time frame for it to overheat is usually somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour. You should be able to find some notes on safety, care and best practices in the product manual. 

If your massage gun overheats and switches itself off, you won’t be able to turn it back on right away. You may be wondering how to reset massage guns when this happens. It’s easy — it just needs some time to cool down. Give it at least 30 minutes.

Usually, when it has cooled down enough, you’ll be able to turn it back on again with no issue. If your device is being used normally but is overheating on a regular basis, you should stop using it and contact customer service for advice.

In regards to a safe length of time for using a massage gun, 30 minutes to an hour is actually a really long time, so you should spend some time learning about how to use a massage gun safely and effectively. 

Water Damage

While there is one massage gun that is waterproof, most are not. Like with most electronics, even battery-powered ones, you risk doing some serious damage to the gun by using it in the water — or worse, charging it around water.

Is It a Lemon?

Like with any mechanical device, it’s possible that you got a lemon. 

If you just bought the massage gun and you’ve charged the battery for the recommended four hours on the assigned charger, have tried turning it on (and made sure you got the switch and the button) and still nothing? You might have gotten a dud, and you’ll need to return to the vendor or production company.   

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an average joe, having your message gun quit on you is a frustrating experience. Though there isn’t a whole lot of info out there that will help users to figure out how to reset massage guns, the info above should provide some clarity so you can get back to enjoying your percussive therapy device. 

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