How UFC’s Joseph Holmes Manages Post-Fight Muscle Recovery

You could say Joseph Holmes knows a thing or two about workout recovery. As a former college football player and now professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, Holmes has experienced his fair share of soreness and injuries.

In fact, in the last year alone, Holmes competed in five professional fights — and finished all five opponents with key wins coming on the Dana White Contender Series and Dana White’s Looking for a fight. This unusually high and successful string of performances has earned him a spot on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) roster.

But such accolades don’t come without a, well, fight. Holmes puts his body through the ringer day in and day out, so it’s been imperative that he has developed a body maintenance and recovery routine over the year.

We recently sat down with Holmes to talk about just that. He dished on his tried-and-true tricks and tips to help both athletes and non-athletes alike give their bodies a little extra TLC.

Joseph Holmes Favorite Workout Recovery Techniques


You likely already know how important stretching is, and Holmes is in agreement. “Stretch before leaving the gym,” he urges. In order to get the most out of his stretching, he does so while he’s warmed up right after his workout. Whatever stretching you may be doing, don’t wait until you’re home and your body is stiff, he cautions.

Swelling Reduction

No stranger to absorbing damage to his body, Holmes emphasized an immediate and long term plan to reducing swelling and soreness: Regular massages. This includes a massage gun, muscle release tools, leg massager and bi-weekly appointments with a massage therapist. We’ll dive into these topics more in just a bit.

Cold Therapy – Cryo

When asked about cold therapy, Holmes said that this was also a big aspect of his long-term recovery process. He made it clear that while he’s no fan of ice baths, he does enjoy cryotherapy once or twice a month. “Cryo is amazing,” he says.

Heat Therapy – Sauna

Holmes spoke fondly of his MMA gym’s portable sauna. According to the Mayo Clinic, sauna does wonders whether you’re recovery from a professional fight or just your average Joe. These benefits include a reduction in high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Joseph Holmes’ Favorite Workout Recovery Products

Massage Gun: Compex Fixx 1.0

Complex Fixx 1.0 massage gun

In Holmes’ words: “That [massage gun] is life.” He noted how in between visits with his massage therapist, he uses this massage gun to get the job done — in fact, his massages have become essential to his recovery process. “My body knows when it’s about to get a massage,” he adds.


Muscle Release Tool: PSO-RITE

PSO-RITE massage tool

This next one is small but mighty. Arguably the most-used and talked about product from Holmes’ interview was the PSO-RITE massage tool. “I use this tool everybody, putting pressure on whatever body parts are really sore, usually it’s my back and my legs,” explained Holmes.


Portable Sauna: Sunakie Portable Sauna

portable sauna for recovery

“I sauna pretty often as well. When I do I usually get it up to 127 degrees,” he says. Holmes credits the sauna with enhancing relaxation and blood flow, noting that hitting the sauna after his workouts has shown him better results than entering beforehand.


Leg Recovery: Nekteck Leg Massager

NekTek leg massager

As calf kicks grow in popularity amongst MMA fighters, so does the recovery needed. Holmes talked about using his gym’s leg massager often as another method of instant recovery in his place of training as opposed to immediately returning home.


Bonus Round: How Joseph Holmes Manages His World-Class Mustache

Win, lose or draw, Holmes always captures people’s attention with his mustache. Holmes introduced the world to his trademark facial hair when he began his professional career several years ago. So how does it look so professional? Well, the secret is equal parts beard balm and mustache wax from The Immaculate Beard.

Road to UFC Middleweight Championship

Joseph Holmes upcoming UFC debut

As Holmes prepares to make his UFC debut, he knows his career is only getting started. Splitting time training between Dallas, TX and Kansas City, MO – Joseph Holmes knows that travel-friendly, reliable products will allow him to maintain his recovery techniques and active lifestyle. In a sport where if you don’t fight, you don’t get paid, staying healthy is everything.

Still looking for more post-workout recovery techniques? We’ve got you covered. 

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