Massage Gun Black Friday Deal

(Update: Black Friday is over, but you can score an even better deal right now. Enter promo code “massagegunfight20” and receive 20% off the Ekrin B37!?

Black Friday is right around the corner and you’re likely holding out on buying that new massage gun hoping for a sale, right? Until then, you’re probably looking at every Theragun vs. Hypervolt massage gun review out there because you think those are the only percussion massagers worth getting. The truth is, you’re probably wrong!

We wanted to put the whole “best massage gun on the market” debate to rest and decided to test them out ourselves. We bought 8 of the best massage guns on Amazon, put them through their paces, and ranked them based on our findings.

We’re all in agreement, the Theragun G3 is super well conceived and the Hypervolt holds its own. The thing is, we found the $229 Ekrin B37 percussion massage gun to be a much better buy. Have a look at our in-depth review and decide for yourself.

The Ekrin B37 impressed us so much, we reached out to them and asked if they would be willing to offer a limited-time massage gun Black Friday deal. Being the awesome company they are, they agreed!

Black Friday Discount Code

To get get 20% off your order, simply enter the code “massagegunfight20” at checkout. This deal is good until December 1st and quantities are limited. If the code doesn’t work, the Black Friday deal ran out.

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