A Direct Competitor of the Hypervolt: A Review of the Sonic Massage Gun

The LifePro Sonic Handheld Percussion massage gun has been dubbed a copycat of the Hyperice Hypervolt, and the comparison alone to a stellar brand like Hyperice has made LifePro’s Sonic a popular massage gun choice. But as an affordable alternative, how does the LifePro Sonic review in terms of its potential for a powerful massage? 

We really like the LifePro company ethos, so we were eager to have a closer look at the Sonic Percussion Massage Gun. 

Check out our Sonic massage gun quick review below.

Smart Summary:

  • Depth: 12 millimeters
  • Stall Force: 70 pounds
  • Noise: 60 decibels
  • Speeds: Five speeds, ranging from 1200, 1800, 2200, 2600 to 3000 percussions per minute (ppm)
  • Battery: Three to six hours, featuring a removable 24V lithium-ion battery
  • Frame: Made from plastic
  • Attachments: Eight massage heads


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Brushless motor
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Very quiet


  • On the heavier side at 2.5 pounds
  • Low amplitude

Despite being one of the most budget-friendly massage guns, the LifePro Sonic has a powerful motor, five-speed settings and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides between three and six hours of battery life.  

The Sonic Massage Gun Design

Despite being one of the most inexpensive massage guns we’ve covered, the gun’s plastic frame is built quite well. You can choose from four color options for the upper body: red, blue, black and silver. The rest of the device is black in color. 

One interesting feature to note is the LifePro Sonic gun’s speed trigger that is located on the front of the handle. It allows you to easily toggle between speed levels while using the device. The handle of the massage gun is encased in rubber for a more secure grip.

The LifePro Sonic’s design includes a slight angle that makes it a bit more comfortable than the 90-degree handle that we typically see on other massage guns. The handle of the LifePro Sonic is quite wide, however, and it’s a fairly heavy device at 2.5 pounds, so there may be some hand strain if the massage gun is used for an extended period of time.

The gun’s charging port is located on the back of the gun, which is also where the power indicator is located. This is a rather odd design choice when compared to other massage guns and devices; the port is usually tucked away out of sight for aesthetic purposes. 


The Sonic massage gun has a 12 millimeter stroke length, which is on the lower end of percussion massagers. The general range of most massage guns is typically 10-16 millimeters.

It features five adjustable speed levels that are displayed as a frequency (Hz) setting and can be translated into 1200, 1800, 2200, 2600 and 3000 percussions per minute. 

Battery Life

The Sonic massage gun comes with a 24 volt lithium-ion battery, which is considered to be the standard battery power for massage guns.

While a lot of massage guns with this battery power claim to provide three hours of operational use, the LifePro Sonic massage gun is noted for having a particularly long battery life of three to six hours in one single charge. This makes the Sonic a good option for a physical therapist or massage therapist to use in patient treatments.

Another feature that makes the LifePro Sonic a great option is that the battery is removable, which means that you can purchase extra batteries. Although a long-lasting battery is already convenient, the luxury of spare batteries is an attractive option for both professional massage therapists and people using them in their own homes.


When the LifePro Sonic was first released, five attachment heads came with it: the universal flat, ball, fork and bullet. It also includes a unique attachment that LifePro calls “the finger.” The finger attachment resembles the human appendage in terms of percussion pattern, and is similar in some ways to the bullet attachment. 

The Sonic is currently sold with eight attachments. The additional unnamed attachments include: a textured-surface attachment, a joint knife and a bullet-like pencil tip for fine percussion. 

FAQs About The Sonic Massage Gun 

What Kind Of Company Is LifePro?

LifePro is an American company based in New York City that aims to provide affordable yet effective massage equipment – like the Pulse FX – that will support you on your fitness journey. 

The brand was created by two men who both experienced anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee injuries. After spending a lot of money and time creating devices that would assist them in their rehabilitation, they decided to intentionally create products that they couldn’t already find available on the market.

LifePro now offers a wide range of strength and endurance training tools as well as wellness and sports recovery devices.

The company is also very community-focused, providing access to educational resources across a variety of digital channels including YouTube, Instagram and a special Facebook group.

Which Sonic Massage Gun Is The Best?

When deciding which massage gun is best for you, it’s important to take stock of your specific fitness goals; you need to carefully consider what massage gun features are most important to you. When evaluating some of the top massage guns on the market, we suggest that you evaluate the Sonic Plus as a possible choice. The Sonic Plus offers all of the features that the original Sonic does, with the added convenience of being 1 pound lighter in weight.

If we’ve noticed anything about the LifePro brand, it’s their consistent history of going above and beyond in every product that they offer. When it comes to their massage gun products, no exceptions in quality have been made. There are six Sonic massage guns listed on its company website right now, and an additional three that are listed under different branding. 

As far as figuring out which Sonic massage gun is the best for you, there are a number of ways to compare the various options. All of LifePro’s massage gun devices are further divided into categories of what they all do best: providing muscle relief for the average joe and for professional physical therapists alike. 

How Do You Operate The LifePro Sonic?

LifePro’s Sonic massage gun isn’t all that different from other massage guns. This model features a power switch on the interface that displays what speed setting the massage gun is on and how much battery life is left. To toggle between the various speeds, use the trigger located near the front of the hand. 

From the eight attachments, choose one that is best suited to the part of the body that you want to work on, but base your choice on which attachment feels best to you. LifePro offers a wide range of resources to help you make the most of your Sonic massage gun, including its YouTube channel that is jam-packed with content. 

Sonic Massage Gun- The Bottom Line

We like the Sonic massage gun. Is it our number one choice of all the massage guns on the market? No, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good product. The LifePro Sonic is still an affordable device that ranks among some of the top marketing percussion massagers. Another advantage to it is that purchasing one also provides you with access to an online community of people who are also committed to personal fitness and well-being. That’s a valuable benefit when embarking on a fitness journey, so it’s worth considering this perk when contemplating the purchase of a LifePro Sonic massage gun.

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