How Does the Theragun Prime Compare Against Theragun Elite?

If you’re anything like us, not a day goes by without a painful grimace on your face as you stand up from your desk. After all, sore muscles aren’t just reserved for athletes or the day after a strenuous gym session. As we spend more hours sitting every year, we are more prone to aches and pains in our muscles. 

Unless you have a massage chair or a personal masseuse on standby, you’re going to need something else to ease the pain and relax those sore areas. And for that reason, you might want to consider investing in a percussion massage gun. And with so many options out there, we know it can be hard to cut through the noise. Today we’re taking a look at two high-end products from pioneers of the industry — the Theragun Prime and Theragun Elite

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Why You Should Consider a Theragun Massage Gun

Theragun’s founder, Chiropractor Jason Wersland, invented and designed the first massage gun after a motorcycle accident in 2009.  He looked for a massage device to ease his pain, but he couldn’t find any, so he decided to make his own and offered it to the rest of the world. 

We love Theragun because their models never disappoint. Whether you’re a pro athlete or simply suffer from sore muscles, you can’t miss with Theragun devices. They are well renowned for their powerful motors, and the 4th Generation Theragun models are much quieter than their older versions. But the distinctive feature that sets them apart from other massage guns in the market? The patented ergonomic handle: the Theragun Triangle. 

Theragun Prime Review

Theragun Prime is a step up from the previous generation of massage guns and is a lot quieter than its predecessors. Its well-known proprietary motor with QuietForce Technology™ is more silent than ever before. You can use the massage gun on your neck or shoulders without the sound drilling through your ears. 

Theragun App

The Prime features five customizable speed ranges that can be controlled through the Theragun app, which makes the Prime unique and distinguishes it from other brands on the market. Once you connect the device to the app (which goes smoothly), you get suggestions for massage routines, and you can choose your best option. The app also suggests which extension you can use for your desired massage, how much pressure to apply, and the type of grip. You can also choose your desired speed setting through the app. It’s helpful, easy, and fun.  


You can expect about 2 hours of battery life on a full charge. If you use the Prime one to three times a week, for 15 minutes per message, it can last you for weeks. If you’re using it continuously, which is not recommended, of course, you’ll need to recharge it more frequently. Battery life will also depend on the speed you’re using for your massage. The higher the rate, the greater the battery drain. 


Prime comes with four attachments: dampener, ball, cone and thumb. Each one is designed to work on a specific body part and tissue type. For example, you can use a dampener for tender tissues and bony parts or when you need a general massage. The standard ball works on your whole body, and it’s perfect for large muscle groups. The thumb is ideal for working on trigger points and the lower back, while the cone is great for pinpoint muscle treatment and your hands and feet. 

Amplitude and Stall Force

Amplitude is one more thing that makes Theragun stand out from the crowd. The Prime stands alone in the percussion gun market with its 16mm stroke length (back and forth motion of the head). 

The only thing standing in its way of becoming perfect for deep percussive massage is its stall force. Stall force is the amount of pressure needed to stop the motor of the massage gun. With quite a low stall force, at 30 pounds of pressure, Prime doesn’t qualify for those with bigger muscles or those looking for a deep massage. 

Should I Get the Theragun Prime?

If you’re regular with your workouts and like high-intensity training or weightlifting, Theragun Prime will help you recover faster. It can also help mobility and reduce achy muscles after an intense workout. If you’re not looking for a deep tissue massage, but rather something that can help with your lower back pain and sore muscles, then the Theragun Prime is a great option. 

Theragun Elite Review

The Elite is another model that proves how Theragun pushed their innovation to produce a percussion gun as quiet as an electric toothbrush. Just like the Theragun Prime, the Elite also has five speeds and its signature 16mm amplitude. With the Elite, the stall force is 40 pounds, which is more than Prime, which allows it to go a bit deeper in the tissue. 


The Elite also has a built-in battery with a life span of 120 minutes. We also love the OLED screen, where you can see the battery percentage or force meter. 

Again, just like with Theragun Prime, you can connect your Elite to Theragun App through Bluetooth and use all the fantastic features it offers. 

Carrying Case

The Theragun Elite comes with an elegant carrying case, unlike the Prime that comes with a pouch, which isn’t enough for some. As soon as you open the case, you see that the Elite is a true beauty. While the Prime has a matte finish, the Elite is glossy with a stylish and elegant look. The only downside to this is that some find it a ‘’fingerprint magnet.’’


Another improvement that we see with the Elite is the five attachments. We have the same four as with Prime, with the addition of a wedge head, which you can use on shoulder blades and IT bands. This attachment is great for improving circulation and reducing muscle tension. 

What we need to point out is Theragun’s top-of-the-line mechanism for attachments. While many other models have only plastic parts that quickly wear out, Prime has a simple push and pull with two metal ball bearings. The click that they make when attached makes it feel more stable. 

More Features

Two more features are new in the Elite model and deserve our attention. With one feature, you can save up to three custom routines, and for each one, you can have different speeds, amounts of pressure, and time. So, if you like a massage, you can save its settings and use it again, anytime you need it. 

The other new feature in the Theragun Elite is the in-built force meter on the OLED screen. It allows you to see the amount of pressure that you’re using, which is something that might come in handy when using the gun on someone else. 

How to Chose Between the Theragun Prime and Theragun Elite

Now you know all about the new 4th Generation Theragun models, the Prime and Elite. If you’re still unsure how to choose, here are a few pointers.

Elite is, without a doubt, a high-end massage gun. It’s made with home users in mind, but it has much more than anyone would ask for. If you choose Elite, it will by far exceed your expectations. 

The Theragun Prime doesn’t have a few of the Elite’s features, but it’s still an excellent massage gun that will fulfill your needs. If you prefer a gentler massage, Prime is probably the better fit. 

Bottom Line

Having a massage gun is an investment you might want to pursue. Theragun is the pioneer of the industry and a company that always strives for improvement. Before buying, make sure to do the research and discern which model will fill your needs the most. 

Featured image courtesy of Therabody.

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