Everything We Learned From Tom Brady’s Gym & Fridge Tour

Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. He’s won seven Super Bowls and is still competing (and winning) at the highest level at 44-years-old.

This begs the question: How does he do it? The focus, of course, turns to his diet and exercise routines. We got a glimpse behind the scenes in his Men’s Health Gym & Fridge tour and it got us thinking about what makes him so special.

In fact, some of the things he chatted about might surprise you. After all, you might think an NFL player works out every day, but Brady says he tries to work out four to five days per week.

Of course, this is just one of the many things that piqued our attention. Here’s a rundown of everything we’ve learned from the tour — and how you can incorporate some of his routine into your own.

Tom Brady Gym Cliff Notes


tom brady in a postgame debrief

The first trick of the trade that Brady mentioned was his pliability roller. The video showed him using a roller, like this one on Amazon, for his pre-and-post workout routine. He stressed stretching before a workout is “critical” in his own words.

Shoulder Exercises

How does Brady keep throwing bullets even in his 40s? We were curious, too. It seems that this longevity is at least partially attributed to simple shoulder workouts. The video shows Brady doing some basic pulling motions with resistance bands, something you can get quickly and affordably on Amazon.

Butt Blaster

When asked about his favorite piece of workout equipment, Brady didn’t hesitate in identifying the “butt blaster” machine. Why? Brady prefers having big legs over big arms any-day. “Glutes. Your engine, that’s what I need more of,” Brady explained.

Tom Brady Fridge Cliff Notes

tom brady in his kitchen

Water, Water, Water

Brady explained that after workouts, he really prioritizes drinking water — and to spice things up, he’ll add “a lot of electrolytes.”

The video showed Brady squirting in a dose of electrolytes that resembled this pack.

Veggies, Fruits, Chocolate

Yes, you read that correctly. Brady explained that the staples of his fridge include high amounts of vegetables, fruits and chocolate. Blueberries and bananas are some of his favorites in particular, but you’ll never find strawberries in his fridge. He said he detests everything about the fruit, including the taste, color, smell and appearance.

Pre-Game Meal

Light and healthy is the name of the game when it comes to what Brady eats before running out of the tunnel. A quick smoothie and almond butter and jelly sandwich does the trick for the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards.


While Brady isn’t big on cheat meals, he sure does have a guilty pleasure. Brady mentioned that his favorite meal to make for his family is pancakes. He expressed “Sunday morning pancakes” are his go-to (on non-game days, we assume!).

Tom Brady Fast Facts

  • He prefers morning workouts over evening workouts
  • He prefers deadlifting over squatting exercises
  • He’s a fan of cross fit workouts
  • He prefers kettlebells over dumbbells
  • He likes running on beaches instead of a treadmill or on streets/paths
  • Brady prefers weights over cardio exercises
  • Brady enjoys working out with his wife, Gisele

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Watch: Tom Brady Gym & Fridge Tour

There are plenty of interesting nuggets in Tom Brady’s Gym & Fridge tour, but don’t just take it from us. You can watch the full video from Men’s Health here:

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