Are Bala Bangles Worth It? Here’s the Deal With the Internet’s Favorite Wearable Weights

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Of all of the products to go viral on the Internet over the last couple of years, one of our favorites has to be Bala Bangles.

They’re the flagship product in Bala Fitness’ ongoing portfolio, and seems that not a day goes by that you won’t see at least a post or two of a lifestyle influencer sporting them. In fact, if we had to guess, you could take a stroll in any major city in the United States, and you’d likely come across at least a person or two sporting the eye-catching wrist weights.

This begs the question: Are Bala Bangles worth it?

We’ve been testing them out for months, and we can confidently say that yes, Bala Bangles are worth every penny.

Bala Bangles


What Are Bala Bangles?

Bala Bangles are wearable weights that can go around your ankle or arm, and aim to increase heart rate, burn fat and build muscle. They come in 1-and 2-pound weights for easy use, as well as fun, attention-grabbing colors, including blush, deep blue, sage and even shine, a type of silver glitter. You’ll get two weights per set, as well. There’s no size range, and all Bala Bangles marketed as one-size-fits-all.

Bala Bangles appeared on Shark Tank in February 2020, and scored a $900,000 investment with a 30% stake from investors Mark Cuban and Maria Sharapova. As Forbes reported, Bala increased sales from $2 million per year to $20 million over the course of the pandemic, although the official Bala Bangles net worth is unknown.

Prices on Bala Bangles can range, especially depending whether you have your eye on a limited-edition version, but you can expect to pay around $50, give or take.

How to Wear Bala Bangles

As mentioned, you can wear Bala Bangles on either your wrist or arm, making them incredibly versatile. Each bangle comes with a velcro strap — all you have to do is essentially “wrap” the bangle around your body, and attach the velcro strip to your liking. The bangle should stay in place, but may need a bit of an adjustment if it is too loose or too tight at any given time.

bala bangles on wrist
Image courtesy of Samantha Rosen/Massage Gunfight.

Because each bangle only weighs 1 or 2 pounds, they’re light and effective without feeling clunky. As Bala puts it, they “add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout.” You can wear them while doing low-impact workouts such as barre, or even just for a walk to get coffee. Keep in mind, though, that Harvard Health recommends against wearing them during cardio workouts or even other everyday activities. Doing so can injure your joints or tendons.

Because Bala Bangles are clean, sleek and just give a subtle edge, you might not even necessarily really feel them while you’re actually wearing them — which, truth be told, is one of our favorite features. You can certainly expect your muscles to be feeling stronger over time, though.

How to Clean Bala Bangles

Because Bala Bangles are made of recycled stainless steel wrapped in baby-soft silicone, they don’t absorb sweat, unlike other ankle weights. They may need a quick clean every now and then; Bala recommends using an all-natural cleaner to spray and wipe clear with a damp cloth. They caution against soaking your Bangles in soapy water, though, since it can compromise the integrity of the elastic or velcro.

Bottom Line

Bala Bangles are more than just a trendy, Instagram-favorite product: They’re an effective method to increase your muscle strength in either your arms, legs, or both. While prices can fluctuate a bit, they’re undoubtedly worth the investment — and if anything, a great addition to add to your loved one’s holiday or Christmas wish list.

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