Ekrin Athletics B37S Review: The Best Just Got Better

Quick Verdict

The all-new Ekrin B37S takes everything we loved about the original model and improves upon it in every way. The B37S is 30% stronger, has a Reactive Force Sensor, and now includes better massage head attachments. What do all those upgrades amount to? A beast of a massage gun.

Without question, the Ekrin B37S massage gun is the new king of the hill.


Portable size
Excellent build quality
Includes a carrying case and 5 massage heads
Above average battery life
1 year warranty


Overall amplitude below average (8mm)

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Say Hello To The Ekrin B37S

It’s no secret that we love the original B37. On a whim in late 2019, we randomly purchased it in our pursuit to find the absolute best massage gun on the market. Back then, we were immediately entranced by the Ekrin; not only for its aesthetics, but the price to performance value proposition it offered. We of course named it our favorite massage gun of the year and have written numerous comparative reviews since.

Fast forward one year and we now have the newly-released B37S. Let’s just say it gives us every feature we didn’t know we needed.

Better, Faster, Stronger

Ever hear of the sophomore slump? It’s the premise that the second attempt at something doesn’t quite live up to the highly regarded standards of the first.

The Hyperice Hypervolt with Bluetooth is a perfect example of that. We took an unabashed stance against the Hyperice’s second generation massage gun because we felt overwhelmingly let down by the lack of improvements.

The Ekrin B37S on the other hand truly embodies the definition of an upgrade and proper 2.0 device. It comes to the table with meaningful changes that fundamentally make a massage gun better, like more percussive force. Here’s a run down of what’s new:


If you aren’t enamored with the design of the B37, you’ll be sorely disappointed with the B37S. They’re nearly identical in shape, size and weight (2.2lbs). In fact, the only things that set it apart is the new midnight blue soft touch exterior finish and a slightly tweaked upper body modification to make room for the Reactive Force Sensor. More on that later, but let it be known, the new color is stunning.

Personally, we have no qualms with the decision to not waver from the original design. The signature 15 degree handle lends itself to being much more ergonomic and versatile. The ubiquitous “T” shape that so many other massage guns have adopted tends to not be as comfortable with ongoing use. Primarily, that’s because gripping the straight handle results in a slight extension of the wrist. More extension = more fatigue.


Not convinced? Go ahead and extend your arm straight out in front of you. Make a fist and slightly tilt your wrist back towards you. Feel a slight twinge? Now imagine holding a 2 pound massage gun in that same position for 5 minutes. It adds up.

Reactive Force Sensor

Believe it or not, one of the top searches related to massage guns is “how to use a massage gun“. While it may seem obvious to some, plenty of questions remain, like “how much pressure is too much?”.

Thankfully with the B37S, Ekrin has removed all of the guesswork with the inclusion of what they call a Reactive Force Sensor (RFS).


As you apply downward pressure, the RFS kicks in by means of hidden blue LED lights hidden within the top of the B37S body near the power button. Now you can precisely gauge how much pressure you’re applying and when you’re reaching the maximum recommended pressure for each speed.

How useful is it? If it’s any indication, even Theragun and Hyperice are now including force sensors in their latest models; mind you, at a very steep premium over the Ekrin B37S.

It’s a pretty neat feature and with experience, you should be able to get more predictable, consistent results.

Power and Performance

At its core, a massage gun’s primary function is to percuss and if it doesn’t do that well, it’s just not worth buying.  A good number of massage guns have come across our desks and over time, the Ekrin B37 has consistently out performed its rivals. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but not many.

For that reason, the idea of adding more power never crossed our mind. Apparently, Ekrin Athletics felt otherwise.

Although total output RPMs remain the same, speeds 1-3 now produce 30% more force than before. That lower end of the power spectrum produces a deeper massage which should satiate the demands of those that like a massager that “digs in”.


On the highest setting, the B37S now progressively fluctuates between 2000-3200RPM. That variable motion is meant to eliminate muscle recovery plateaus through muscle confusion. That may sound a little far fetched, but there are studies that suggest variable pressure patterns can help alleviate chronic pain.

With the increase of power, you may be wondering if battery life is affected. You’ll be pleased to know that you should expect the exact same battery life as the previous model. Depending on how you use it, 6-8 hours of total runtime is realistic.

New And Improved Attachments

Massage gun attachment heads may not be the most exciting feature, but do largely determine the overall comfort level of the massage experience. Thankfully, Ekrin is now including two extra silicon tipped attachments.

Silicon is a bit more forgiving and will damper the percussive impact. That’s a very smart inclusion. For those that don’t like the sensation of being pummeled to a pulp, you’re going to favor those massage tips.

Included massage heads:

  • Round Ball: Great for large muscle groups
  • Silicon Round Ball: Great for more sensitive areas, providing lower overall impact
  • Bullet: Target pinpoint areas such as muscle/tendon attachments or other areas where precision is needed
  • Flat: A Jack of all trades, use anywhere attachment
  • Fork: Best to use along the spine, neck, or along the Achilles tendon
  • Silcone Cone: Perfect for delicate areas around the spine or other bony joints
ekrin b37s massage gun with attachments

So not only did Ekrin see fit to add the two extra attachments, but they also made them a bit more functional too. This is a first and we haven’t seen it offered by other companies yet, but the included massage heads have a locking mechanism to keep them firmly seated in place.

Typically, most massage heads are kept in place by rubber o-rings. Those usually work just fine, but with time they do wear out and when that happens, the massage head will become a flying projectile.

In practice, we really like the locking mechanism because not only does it make it safer, but easier to detach the heads too. We’ve come across a few massage gun heads that are nearly impossible to remove. Like a mortal trying to wield Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer.

person removing attachment from massage gun

Like a bad infomercial, it’s 1-2-3 EASY!

Ekrin B37S Comparisons

So with all the competition, why do we still insist the Ekrin models are the best massage guns you can buy? That’s easy. For the money, you get a substantially more powerful motor than most, an ergonomically superior design, and an unbeatable lifetime warranty. No other company ticks all those boxes without some margin of compromise.

Ekrin B37S vs Theragun Elite

“But what about the Theragun Elite”, you ask? We did after all conclude our Elite review by saying:

If you’re looking for the absolute best massage gun with the most innovative features, look no further. This is the one you want.

Yes, we did say that and stand behind it. Keep in mind, however, the Elite is a $400 massage gun. As wonderful as it is, that’s a price point many will consider out of reach.

Here’s how the specs compare:

  Ekrin B37S Theragun Elite
Speeds 5 speeds (2000-3200RPM) 5 Speeds (1750-2400RPM)
Stall Force 55lbs 40lbs
Battery Life Up to 8 Hours Up to 2 hours
Force Sensor Yes Yes
Bluetooth w/App No Yes
Attachments 6 5
Warranty Lifetime 1 Year
Price $247.50 with Promo Code “MGF25” $399

At a glance, it quickly becomes obvious why we think the Ekrin B37S is a no-brainer. We realize specs aren’t always everything, but what you see in the table in this case does accurately reflect real world performance.

Throw the other heavy hitters like Hypervolt, LifePro Pulse FX, Kraftgun, etc into the mix, and the outcome remains the same. Ultimately, they all come up just short of what Ekrin Athletics is offering.

Ekrin B37S vs Ekrin B37

Which begs the question, “How does the new B37S compare to the B37 and is it worth upgrading?

  B37S B37
Speeds 2000-3200 RPM 2000-3200 RPM
Stall Force 55lbs 55lbs
Battery Life  Up to 8 hours Up to 8 hours
Reactive Force Sensor Yes No
Attachments 6 4
Locking Heads Yes No
Variable 5th Speed Yes No
Speeds 1-3 Power 30% Stronger
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Price $247.49 with promo code $183.99 with promo code

Final Verdict

The bottom line is this: If you already own an Ekrin B37, then NO, upgrading might not be worth it unless you need a second massage gun. If you DON’T already own an Ekrin, then YES, go for the B37S! It is worth the little bit of extra money.

Perhaps now is a great time to reiterate, that when it comes to massage guns, we don’t play favorites. In all fairness, we approach every review objectively and without bias as much as it is possible.

In fact, we proactively adjust our recommendations when merit is earned. Throughout the year and as we review more massage guns, our Buyer’s Guide is updated on a regular basis. And do we think Ekrin Athletics deserves the #1 top spot moniker, “the best massage guns”? It’s a resounding yes…for now.

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