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Updated July 25, 2022
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Bottom Line
Best Bang for the Buck



Bottom Line

bottom line
Customer Favorite This massage gun straddles the affordable and high performance categories brilliantly. With all the features of a premium massage gun, this one won't break the bank.


  • 60+ lbs of pressure (unheard of for affordable massage gun)
  • 90 degree rotating arm
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Only 3 interchangeable massage attachments
Best of the Best


Q2 Mini

Bottom Line

bottom line
Beloved Performance It was shocking how something so small could have such a strong impact. The Q2 Mini has 5 outstanding attachments and is super easy to carry around with you.


  • 3,000 revolutions per minute
  • Fits in a pocket and weighs less than 1 lb
  • USB-C charging


  • Not quite as affordable as the other massage guns we reviewed here


Percussion Massager

Bottom Line

bottom line
The Affordable One This is a great, low-cost massage gun for beginners. If you're familiar with massage guns, you may want more power, but if you're not, this is a good introduction.


  • 20 different speed options
  • Quiet while being used
  • 6 different massage attachments


  • Non-adjustable, not very ergonomically friendly


Electric Massager

Bottom Line

bottom line
Best Dressed This is a beautiful massage gun that gets the job done. It stays charged longer than most affordable massage guns and has some great attachments.


  • 4 1/2 hours of battery life
  • Sleek design (similar to a Beats pill)
  • Unique massage attachments


  • Annoying 10 minute auto-shutdown feature

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Best Budget Massage Guns Reviewed

Let’s be realistic, not everyone is inclined to pay $350 or more for a massage gun. We’d be willing to bet that you’re probably looking for the best, most affordable massage guns. You want something that won’t break the bank and aren’t complete junk. Are we right?

Does such an affordable massage gun really even exist?

While it is true that “you get what you pay for” often applies to massage guns, there are a few exceptions. We went hands-on with the VYBE Pro V2, OPOVE M3 Pro, Bob and Brad, LifePro Sonic, Ekrin Bantam, WODFitters “The Mighty”, PlayMakar MVP, and the VI Jigsaw to see which affordable massage gun is worth buying. We kept our expectations low and came away impressed.

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woman using Vybe V2 massage gun

In-depth Review: Vybe V2 Personal Massage Gun

When it comes to evaluating the power of a massage gun, you have to think about more than just the number of speed settings. The Vybe V2 offers six speeds (in contrast with the Vybe Pro which offers nine) but its percussive force is nearly twice as strong. While the Vybe Pro offers a percussive force up to 33 pounds, the Vybe V2 goes all the way up to 60 pounds. If you struggle with stiff, tight muscles on a regular basis, you may need a slightly more powerful massage gun. Not only does the Vybe V2 offer plenty of percussive force and 6 variable speeds, but its unique design gives you a stronger, steadier grip so you can really dig deep into those sore muscles. This model is trigger-activated with an ergonomic handle and it is very lightweight at just 3.53 pounds. The Vybe V2 comes with three attachments and is incredibly versatile. The head offers a full 90 degrees of rotation and the three attachments work for large muscles, small muscles, and hard-to-reach trigger points. It all comes packed in a handy carry case for under $90. For more information on Vybe products, visit

7 Mid-Priced Massage Guns

Maybe you’re not impressed by the affordable massage guns, and that’s OK. You still don’t need to spend $300 – 400 on a massage gun. Here’s a list of some of our favorite massage guns in this category. For an elaborate list, visit our best massage guns buyer guide.

Vybe massage gun with attachments

Bob and Brad Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun

Bob and Brad, the self-proclaimed “most famous Physical Therapists on the internet” released their first massage gun in late 2020 and we gotta tell ya, it’s really great! With a 4.8/5 rating from over 3,500 reviewers, we’re not the only ones that think so either. You can read our in-depth review of the Bob and Brad massage gun, but to summarize, we love it for its compact size, above average power, excellent build quality, and super competitive price tag. Amazon often offers a coupon to bring that price under $100. On top of that, you can stack our promo code to bring the price down even further. Not only is the Bob and Brad powerful, but it’s quiet too. One of the quieter massage guns we’ve tested, in fact. Even on the highest setting (a total of 5), you can easily carry on a conversation without raising your voice. Included in the box is a carrying case, five comfortable attachments, and a USB-C cable for charging. Also, be sure to register your device to take advantage of the included 1-Year warranty.

opove m3 pro massage gun with attachments

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

With thousands of 5-star ratings across the internet, people have a LOT of really positive things to say about the OPOVE M3 Pro. We too think it’s the perfect alternative to getting a $350 Hypervolt.

In our hands-on review, we noted that the OPOVE is extremely quiet to operate. With a brushless 3 speed motor, it has all the power you need without the noise you don’t. We also love that this model offers some degree of customizability – you can choose from three different finishes (silver, black, and camo).

Included with the OPOVE M3 Pro is a really great looking faux carbon fiber case with 4 essential massage head attachments. Plus, should anything stop working, OPOVE has you covered with a 1-year warranty.

lifepro sonic massage gun

Lifepro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

There are a whole host of reasons the LifePro Sonic tops our list of best budget massage gun. It’s very powerful, has great ergonomics, stellar battery life, and it’s backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Need we say more? Sure, let’s.

Starting with the design, you’re going to love the slim, silicon wrapped grip which makes it really quite comfortable to hold. That and given it weighs just a little over 2 lbs, you’ll be able to enjoy hours of sweet muscle blasting massage relief.

A fan of colors? Great news! The Lifepro Sonic is available in 4 different color options: Blue, Black, Red, and Silver.

There are 5 variable levels of intensity ranging from 1200-3000RPM. Operation, even on the highest setting, is non-obtrusive and quiet.

In the box, everything you need to get started is all there, including 5 unique massage head attachments.

What buyers say: “I go to the gym regularly so I’m constantly sore and this just hits the spot. It works as it’s supposed to and the functions are strong. The material is also very sturdy, I was surprised by how high quality the material is. Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone.”

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addsfit MAX massage gun

addsfit MAX Deep Tissue Massage Gun

If you’re looking for a more powerful, deeper massage than the Bob and Brad can offer, then stepping up to the addsfit MAX is the way to go. It’s backed by a 3-year warranty, the price is more than reasonable at just over $150 with our promo code and it offers comparable performance to much more expensive massage guns. What more could you ask for?

The build quality of the addsfit MAX is exceptional and it really does feel great in the hand thanks to a lightweight design putting it around 2.2lbs. The  body design looks similar to that of a Hypervolt and has the same great build quality too.

If you are still ticking boxes of all the best features, go ahead and mark off performance. The addsfit MAX has a 9-speed motor that is more than powerful enough to satisfy your massage needs. Not only is it powerful, but relatively quiet as well. We love the smooth low-volume hum of the motor.

Overall, the addsfit MAX is the total package. You can’t go wrong with this one.

What buyers say: “This thing is a life saver! Do yourself (and your spouse) a favor and get one.”

Use promo code “MGF20” for a 20% discount at checkout!

Ekrin Bantam massager

Ekrin Bantam

Though priced at the top of our $150 limit, the Ekrin Bantam is a strong contender when it comes to affordable massage guns. Slim, compact, and super lightweight, there’s a lot to love about this product. 

The first thing to know about this massage gun is that when we say “compact,” we really mean it. Holding this massage gun will make you feel like a giant. Though small, it still delivers the same full-sized performance for which Bantam products are known. This mini massage gun offers up to 35 pounds of force.

While the small size of the Ekrin Bantam might throw you off, it does have some unique advantages. This mini massage gun is perfect for getting into tight spots and it comes with four attachments to help you dig deep. 

Overall, this massage gun may not be ideal for every user but it does fill a niche that might be perfect for some.

Playmakar MVP massager

PlayMakar MVP Massage Gun

The PlayMakar MVP massage gun is a winner in our book. We can confidently say it’s a strong contender as being one of the better affordable massage guns out there.

With an all-black soft touch finish, the PlayMakar looks fantastic! We loved the construction of the soft-touch exterior body. It feels really good to hold and seems very well put together.

In use, it provides a sufficiently strong massage for most of your needs and maintains a moderately low noise level while doing so. Power doesn’t quite match that of more expensive models, but doesn’t lag far behind. Using it on fleshier parts of the body, like the quads, it felt powerful enough to work out the kinks.

Battery life is rated at about 4-5hrs. After extensive use however, we never noticed the battery level dropping at a rapid pace.

Included with the MVP are 6 attachment heads, a charger, and a downloadable user’s manual. A case will run you a little extra.

What buyers say: “This thing is awesome and quiet. Battery seems to last for hours, but I’ve only had for a day so we’ll see how battery holds up. Looks and feels SWEET!”

Get $10 off with promo code “MGF10” applied at checkout.

WODFitters mighty massager

WODFitters “The Mighty” Massage Gun

“The Mighty” massage gun from WODFitters is another great mini massage gun that delivers big on performance.

This is a very well-made massage gun with a pro-grade exterior all-aluminum body. We’re confident this little guy will hold up very well with day to day abuse.

Powering “The Mighty” is a lithium battery that promises up to 11 hours of use. That’s assuming you use it on the lowest of the 4 speeds. For us, we found that it was certainly good for about 5-6 hours on the highest setting in case you’re worried it might die on you prematurely.

Like the Ekrin Bantam, this massage gun also includes a USB-C charging cable. We love the flexibility that offers and the fact that we don’t have to run out and buy yet another extraneous cable.

What buyers say: “Massages out all my sore muscles. Battery lasts a long time and multiple speed settings are nice.”

VI jigsaw style massage gun

VI Jigsaw Massage Gun

The VI Jigsaw is a definite winner if you’re looking for a very deep, powerful massage gun at a super competitive price. It’s great, but with one caveat.  At just shy of $100 with our discount code, the VI Jigsaw is a solid offering for those that don’t want to cough up $350 for similar performance.

In testing, we found the performance of the VI Jigsaw to be up there with the best of them. And here’s the caveat we spoke of: unlike the previous guns, the 6 speed motor is quite a bit noisier. While it’s highly recommended by all that buy it, the common complaint is the noise level. It’s loud, but gets the job done.

Unlike most massage guns, the VI Jigsaw does come with 2 detachable batteries. That’s a nice feature to have in case you forget to charge it up.

Inside the included case you’ll find a charger and 3 attachments.

What buyers say: “This affordable massage gun is awesome! Best purchase ever! Six speeds, multiple tips to choose for massages. It’s LOUD, but awesome!”

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Q. Why should I buy a massage gun? A. Massage guns work to relax your body by clearing away tension and fluid deep within muscles, which increases tissue metabolism. A nice natural way to relieve stress and anxiety!
Q. What comes with a massage gun? A. This depends on what particular massage gun you choose. All massage guns come with a variety of attachments for working out specific areas. A carrying case may be included as well.
Q. What is the best massage gun for athletes? A. The VYBE Percussion Massage Gun Pro Model is the top massage gun for athletes. Because athletes exert more stress on their bodies than average, the VYBE Pro Model is fully equipped with 9 levels of deep tissue intensity up to 3,400 RPMs. It features 8 interchangeable massage heads, so athletes can choose precisely the one that is best suited to the muscle group they’re working on.
Q. What is the best affordable massage gun on Amazon? A. The VYBE V2 Percussion Massage Gun is the top, affordable massage gun for athletes. With 60 pounds of percussive force and 6 variable speeds, this massage gun packs quite a punch. It features 3 attachments that can focus on a large muscle group or specific knot.

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