Affordable Massage Guns That Cost $150 Or Less

Let’s be realistic, not everyone is inclined to pay $350 or more for a Hypervolt massage gun. We would be willing to bet that you’re probably looking for the best, most affordable massage guns that won’t break the bank and aren’t complete junk. Are we right?

Does such a massage gun really even exist?

While it is true that “you get what you pay for” often applies, there are a few exceptions. We went hands-on with the  LifePro Sonic, Ekrin Bantam, iReliev, WODFitters “The Mighty”, PlayMakar MVP, and the VI Jigsaw to see which cheap massage gun is worth buying. We kept our expectations low and came away impressed.

LifePro Sonic

lifepro sonic cheap massage gun

The LifePro Sonic is bargain at just $119.97, and it does not scream “cheap massage gun”. Opening the case, we were taken back by the overall design and feel.

With a really great ergonomic grip, the Sonic is really quite comfortable to hold. The Lifepro Sonic is available in 4 different color options: Blue, Black, Red, and Silver.

There are 5 variable levels of intensity ranging from 1200-3000RPM. Operation, even on the highest setting, is non-obtrusive and quiet.

In the box, you will find 5 attachments that are included. Come with LifePro’s infamous LIFETIME WARRANTY.

What buyers say: “I go to the gym regularly so I’m constantly sore and this just hits the spot. It works as it’s supposed to and the functions are strong. The material is also very sturdy, I was surprised by how high quality the material is. Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone.”

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Ekrin Bantam

ekrin bantam massage gun


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At $159.99, the all-new Ekrin Bantam is easily one of the most impressive mini massage guns we have ever tried. In fact, we feel it rivals some devices costing twice the price.

Don’t let its palm sized form factor fool you. The Bantam delivers a very firm and powerful percussive massage. It’s not quite on par with some more expensive models, but it comes close, real close.

We appreciate the borrowed design and aesthetics of its older sibling, the highly rated Ekrin B37. The mix of soft touch plastic, 15 degree handle, and ultra light (1.1 lbs) body come together nicely and exudes quality. It’s light in the hand yet feels substantial and sturdy.

The 3-speed brushless motor offers a very pleasant operating experience. With a decibel rating of 50dB, it is one of the quieter massage guns out there.

The reliable lithium ion Samsung battery offers up to 6 hours of use per full charge.

The Ekrin Bantam massage gun comes in a molded case with a charger and 4 super comfortable attachment heads.

Includes a LIFETIME warranty.

What buyers say: “This massager is everything you want, plus more. It can get so deep and relieve so many types of aches and pains.”

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addsfit MAX

The addsfit MAX hits all the right notes when it comes to buying a massage gun. It’s backed by a 3 year warranty, the price is more than reasonable at just over $150 with our promo code and offers comparable performance to much more expensive massage guns. What more could you ask for?

The build quality of the addsfit MAX is exceptional and it really does feel great in the hand thanks to it weighing in around 2.2lbs. The  body design looks similar to that of a Hypervolt and has the same great build quality too.

If you are still ticking boxes of all the best features, go ahead and mark off performance. The addsfit MAX has a 9 speed motor that is more than powerful enough to satisfy your massage needs. Not only is it powerful, but relatively quiet as well. We love the smooth low-volume hum of the motor.

Overall, the addsfit MAX is the total package. You can’t go wrong with this one.

What buyers say: “This thing is a life saver! Do yourself (and your spouse) a favor and get one.”

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WODFitters “The Mighty” massage gun

wodfitters the mighty massage gun

“The Mighty” massage gun from WODFitters is another great mini massage gun that delivers big on performance.

This is a very well made massage gun with a pro grade exterior all-aluminum body. We’re confident this little guy will hold up very well with day to day abuse.

Powering “The Mighty” is a lithium battery that promises up to 11 hours of use. That’s assuming you use it on the lowest of the 4 speeds. For us, we found that it was certainly good for about 5-6 hours on the highest setting in case you’re worried it might die on you prematurely.

Like the Ekrin Bantam, this massage gun also includes a USB-C charging cable. We love the flexibility that offers and the fact that we don’t have to run out and buy yet another extraneous cable.

What buyers say: “Massages out all my sore muscles. Battery lasts a long time and multiple speed settings are nice.”

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PlayMakar MVP Massage Gun

playmakar percussion massage gun

The PlayMakar MVP massage gun is a winner in our book. We can confidently say it’s a strong contender to being one of the better affordable massage guns out there.

With an all-black soft touch finish, the PlayMakar looks fantastic! We loved the construction of the soft-touch exterior body. It feels really good to hold and seems very well put together.

In use, it provides a sufficiently strong massage for most of your needs and maintains a moderately low noise level while doing so. Power doesn’t quite match that of more expensive models, but doesn’t lag far behind. Using it on fleshier parts of the body, like the quads, it felt powerful enough to work out the kinks.

Battery life is rated at about 4-5hrs. After extensive use, we never noticed the battery level dropping at a rapid pace.

Included with the MVP are 6 attachment heads, a charger, and a downloadable user’s manual. A case will run you a little extra.

What buyers say: “This thing is awesome and quiet. Battery seems to last for hours, but I’ve only had for a day so we’ll see how battery holds up. Looks and feels SWEET!”

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VI Jigsaw Massage Gun

VI Jigsaw

The VI Jigsaw is a definite winner if you’re looking for a very deep, powerful massage gun at a super competitive price. It’s great, but with one caveat.  At just shy of $100 with our discount code, the VI Jigsaw is a solid offering for those that don’t want to cough up $350 for similar performance.

In testing, we found the performance of the VI Jigsaw to be up there with the best of them. And here’s the caveat we spoke of: unlike the previous guns, the 6 speed motor is quite a bit noisier. While it’s highly recommended by all that buy it, the common complaint is the noise level. It’s loud, but gets the job done.

Unlike most massage guns, the VI Jigsaw does come with 2 detachable batteries. That’s a nice feature to have in case you forget to charge it up.

Inside the included case you’ll find a charger and 3 attachments.

What buyers say: “This affordable massage gun is awesome! Best purchase ever! Six speeds, multiple tips to choose for massages. It’s LOUD, but awesome!”

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