Affordable Massage Guns That Cost $120 Or Less

Let’s be realistic, not everyone is inclined to pay $350 or more for a Hypervolt massage gun. We would be willing to bet that you’re probably looking for the best, most affordable massage guns that won’t break the bank and aren’t complete junk. Are we right?

Does such a massage gun really even exist?

While it is true that “you get what you pay for” often applies, there are a few exceptions. We went hands-on with the  VI PRO Mini, Apollo Kinetics Pulse MAX, DABOOL Pro, and the Sylphim to see which cheap massage gun is worth buying. We kept our expectations low and came away impressed.

1. VI Pro Mini

vi pro mini best budget massage gun

At $118.95, the VI Pro Mini is easily one of the most impressive massage guns we have ever tried at that price point. In fact, we feel it rivals some devices costing twice the price.

Don’t let its palm sized form factor fool you. The VI Pro Mini delivers a very firm and powerful percussive massage. It’s not quite on par with some more expensive models, but it comes close, real close. Of the four we tested, it delivers the most force.

We appreciated the design and aesthetics of the Vi Pro Mini. The mix of soft touch plastic and metal come together nicely and exude quality. It’s light in the hand at just 1.8lbs, yet feels substantial and sturdy.

The 3-speed 24V brushless motor offers a very pleasant operating experience. With a max decibel rating of 50dB at 2800RPM, it is one of the quietest massage guns we’ve ever tested.

The reliable lithium ion LG 3400 mAh battery offers 3-5 hours of use per full charge.

The VI Pro Mini massage gun comes in a molded case with a charger and 6 attachment heads. Four of them are the standard fair, but the other two have metal wrapped around the tips. This allows you to use any sort of massage oil or cream while using the massager and cleans up easily afterwards. A nice addition not found with most other kits.

Includes a 1 year warranty.

What buyers say: “This massager is everything you want, plus more. It can get so deep and relieve so many types of aches and pains.”

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2. Apollo Kinetics Pulse MAX

apollo kinetics pulse max

The Apollo Kinetics Pulse MAX is an alternative version of the well-reviewed Pulse model. We can confidently say that at right around $100, the Pulse MAX is a strong contender to being one of the better affordable massage guns out there.

The Apollo Kinetics Pulse Max looks fantastic! We loved the soft-touch rubberized unibody exterior. Four different colors are available which includes, charcoal black, flat white, charcoal gray, and sweet plum. Our test device was charcoal black with a subtle yellow accent ring around the rear display. We love the variety of colors and think you will too.

In use, it provides a sufficiently strong massage for most of your needs and maintains a moderately low noise level while doing so. Power doesn’t quite match that of the Medcursor, but doesn’t lag far behind. Using it on fleshier parts of the body, like the quads, it felt powerful enough to work out the kinks.

Battery life is rated at about 6hrs on low settings. After extensive use, we never noticed the battery level dropping at a rapid pace.

Included with the Pulse MAX are 4 attachement heads, a charger, extra rubber grommets for the heads in case they wear out and a basic case.

What buyers say: “This thing is awesome and quiet. Battery seems as it says (5-6) hours, but I’ve only had for a day so we’ll see how battery holds up. Looks and feels SWEET!”

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3. DABOOL Pro Massage Gun

dabool pro massage gun

The DABOOL Pro is another Hypervolt knock-off that looks about the same, but doesn’t quite hit the mark. At $119.99, the DABOOL is a solid offering for those that don’t want to cough up $350 for the real thing.

In testing, we found the performance of the DABOOL to be adequate for most. Unlike the previous two massage guns, the motor is a bit noisier. The reciprocation of the massage head is not quite as refined and produces more knock than we’d prefer. It’s not power tool loud, nor is it whisper quiet.

Also, unlike the other massage guns, the DABOOL has an adjustable 20 speed motor. One might think that is a benefit, but the speed differences between each level were nearly imperceptible. For example going from level 1 to 2 only resulted in a marginal uptick in motor speed. Any noticeable difference was felt every 4th or 5th speed increase. It seemed gimmicky at best. 3-5 speeds total would have sufficed. On high, the percussive force was acceptable.

The DABOOL Pro comes in two colors, gray and white with either a gold or silver metallic accent ring. Initially we were impressed by the look and feel, but upon closer inspection we noticed some defects and imperfections in the rubber finish. We imagine with time, the exterior finish will continue to rub off. That’s to be seen.

Inside the included case you’ll find a charger and 6 attachments.

What buyers say: “This affordable massage gun is awesome! Best purchase ever! Six speeds, multiple tips to choose for massages. Gun charges for 6 hrs. at the beginning and holds a good charge.”



4. Sylphim Massage Gun

sylphim massage gun

The Sylphim is very attractive and at $99.99, it does not scream “cheap massage gun”. Opening the case, we were taken back by the overall design and feel. To us, it resembles a futuristic taser straight out of Star Trek. Pew. Pew.

Although they label the color as black, it’s actually more of a glossy dark gunmetal. Having a glossy finish, we were afraid that it would be a fingerprint magnet and too slippery to grip, but that isn’t the case. It’s really quite comfortable to hold. The color white is also an option.

To turn it on, we got a little confused because technically, there are two power buttons. The one to turn it on is on top and the one on the back is touch sensitive, which changes the speeds. Speaking of, there are 6 variable speeds ranging from 1000-3600RPM. Operation, even on the highest setting, is non-obtrusive and quiet.

In the product description, Sylphim claims the amplitude of the head is 16mm. That’s significant and puts it on par with the LifePro Pulse FX. We don’t believe that is correct, because that should provide a very deep, pounding massage. Contrary to the over 100 reviewers on Amazon, we disagree with the level of force it outputs. It feels plenty strong for the upper body, but on the legs, it didn’t feel like it “dug in” enough for our liking. Perhaps if you have an Ectomorph body type, it will be more than sufficient. We, however, lean to the Mesomorph side and prefer a bit more power.

That aside, 7 attachments are included. Unique to the bunch is a Crescent Head for the neck and cervical joints. An interesting addition that is best used on a low setting.

What buyers say: “I go to the gym regularly so I’m constantly sore and this just hits the spot. It works as it’s supposed to and the functions are strong. The material is also very sturdy, I was surprised by how high quality the material is. Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone.”

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