Bob and Brad Massage Gun Review

If you’ve landed on this Bob and Brad massage gun review, it’s likely because you’re already familiar with the self-proclaimed “most famous Physical Therapists on the internet”, Bob and Brad. Not surprising really because in the 10 years that they’ve had their YouTube channel, they have amassed over 2.5 MILLION subscribers. We too enjoy their videos and more than once have followed their advice to alleviate some random aches and pains.

So when we got word that they released an all-new line of massage guns, we were anxious to get our hands on one. Because of their notoriety and with a reputation to uphold, is the Bob and Brad massage gun worth your consideration? One caveat aside, absolutely! Read on for our in-depth look at the Bob and Brad massager.

TL;DR Bob and Brad Massage Gun Quick Take


Portable size
Excellent build quality
Includes a carrying case and 5 massage heads
Above average battery life
1 year warranty


Overall amplitude below average (8mm)

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As you can imagine, to date we have reviewed a good number of massage guns. Ultimately, they all perform the same function, but there are a number of factors that separate the good massage guns from the great ones. Truth be told, unless you’ve handled as many as we have, the differences would likely not be as obvious.

So let’s just come out and say: the Bob and Brad massage gun is genuinely a great massage gun. Truly.

Weighing all the pros to the one con, which we’ll discuss a bit later, this massage gun really shines in every category we think matters to you. Not to assume we can read your mind, but we’re guessing when it comes to buying a massage gun, you want a quality product that’s going to last and will help alleviate your aches and pains. Does that sound about right?

Well if so, that’s precisely what you get with the Bob and Brad.

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Bob and Brad Massage Gun Design

You know what we like? For something to exceed our expectations.

Like we said, we’ve had a lot of massage guns come and go around here. For that reason, there aren’t a lot of new models that really impress us all that much. Most are pretty run-of-the-mill, offering little to no differentiation over the rest.

The Bob and Brad massage gun is a bit of an exception, however. Taking it out of the included carrying case for the first time, we were immediately taken by how substantial, yet small the massage gun is in your hand.

When we say substantial, we don’t mean it’s heavy by no means–it only weighs 1.5 lbs. after all. No, it feels incredibly solid and built like a tank. The body might be made of a hard plastic composite material, but there’s nothing cheap about the construction. There’s nary a creak to be found when handling the Bob and Brad massage gun and that’s promising long-term.

Bob and Brad massager

We feel pretty confident that you’ll agree, but holding this massage gun just feels good. There’s really no better way to put it.

The exterior shell is covered in a soft touch matte finish that’s smooth, yet super grippy, particularly around the handle. Speaking of, the handle is relatively narrow, making it easy to hold for even the smallest of hands.

If you’re more on the sensory receptive side and find physical buttons gratifying (you know who you are clicky keyboard person), the power/speed selector button has a very satisfying click when you depress it. In a touch screen driven world, we rather like the tactile feedback.

By and large, the design of the Bob and Brad massage gun is a home run in our book.

Power and Performance

The Bob and Brad massager is definitely a looker, but does it perform well too? Yes, well, mostly.

Here’s the thing, this massager for its size is very powerful. The 5 speed brushless motor quietly percusses at a vigorous 3200 RPM with (according to their customer service) a maximum stall force of 50lbs! That’s unheard of in a massage gun this small. Essentially that means you would have to apply 50lbs of downward pressure for the motor to stop. To put that into perspective, the $399 Theragun Elite has a max stall force of 40lbs.

Perhaps the Bob and Brad suffers from a Napoleon syndrome, but if you’re concerned it won’t be powerful enough, don’t be.

Potential Con

We’ve alluded to this one con long enough, but there is one thing about this massager that you should be aware of and it might not even be an issue for some.

You see, the amplitude or stroke length of the massage head of the Bob and Brad is limited to only 8mm. A better description of amplitude is the back and forth distance the reciprocating head travels. A shorter amplitude simply means that the percussion isn’t as deep into the muscles as say other massage guns with a 12 or 16mm amplitude, like the Ekrin and Theragun respectively.

Bob and Brad massage gun features

Also, because the amplitude is less, the sensation of the massage will feel different too. Instead of a tapotement or percussive massage, the Bob and Brad leans more towards a vibration massage. Based on the 1200+ positive 5-star reviews, it’s a non-issue for many. For those that prefer a hard, deep massage might want to consider other options.

Battery Life

Inside the Bob and Brad massager you’ll find a 2500mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery. The literature states it’s the same battery cells provided to Tesla for their cars. We suppose that’s a plus, right? Regardless, battery life is very good.

After our initial charge and after a week or so of testing, we’ve yet to set it back on the charger. Pretty remarkable if you ask us.

Of course how often you charge it will depend on how frequently you use it. We think it’s a safe assumption that it won’t be more than every 3-4 days of moderate to heavy usage.

Speaking of charging, we are happy to inform you that the Bob and Brad massage gun is charged via USB-C. That’s quickly become the new go-to standard for most laptops and cell phones (sorry iPhone users), so you shouldn’t have to lug around yet another charging brick.

An integrated USB-C port certainly ups the convenience factor, allowing you to use whatever charger you have on hand and wherever too. Heck, you can even charge it with a portable battery pack if you’re in a bind.

Included Accessories

Everything included with the Bob and Brad massage gun is pretty standard fair. First, it comes in a great looking heather gray carrying case. It has a molded interior for the massage gun and each of the 5 attachments to keep everything neat and tidy. It’s simplistic, but will work wonderfully for travel, trips to and from the gym, or wherever life requires a massage.

The five included massage head attachments are individually useful and specific for certain areas of the body. It’s all-purpose, but we simply can’t get enough of the cushioned massage head. It has just the right amount of give to use anywhere on the body, yet really seems to work out the kinks like a champ.

Bob and Brad massage gun

For charging purposes, a USB-C cable is included but keep in mind there is no charging brick included. Again, based on the ubiquitousness of USB, the assumption is that you’ll already have a number of different ports to plug it into already.

And finally, a very detailed user manual is included. Any question you might have should be answered there or alternatively, visit our in-depth guide on how to use a massage gun.

The Bob and Brad Massage Gun vs. The Competition

If you want a massage gun, your choices at this point in time are almost limitless. While having options is a good thing, information overload on which massage gun is best is not. Would we say the Brad and Bob is the best massage gun out there? That would depend.

If you consider the price, build quality, noise level, battery life, included accessories, it’s a great bargain.

If we’re to lump it into the “mini massage gun” segment, it would easily be one of our top picks alongside the Ekrin BANTAM and LifePro DynaMini.

On the other hand, compared to full size massage guns the likes of the Hypervolt, Theragun, Ekrin, or addsfit, the Bob and Brad comes up a little short. The limiting factor being the amplitude. It’s just not as deep.

Should you buy it?

If you’ve done your research and you’ve settled on the Bob and Brad massager, we don’t think you’ll have buyer’s remorse. As we said, taking the week to review it was a refreshing contrast to many of the other massage guns we’ve tried lately.

While it may not satiate the power hungry deep tissue massage fanatics, the remaining majority of people will be resolute evangelists.

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