Why Is My Massage Gun Not Turning On?

A malfunctioning massage gun can be frustrating when you’re experiencing muscle pain. Your favorite massage gun can be working fine one moment, and unresponsive the next. This leaves you frustrated and wondering why is my massage gun not turning on?

The good news? It’s a fairly common problem. The fact of the matter is your massage gun can stop working due to a number of causes.

Of course, branded massage guns come with a warranty of at least one year. But before you run to the store to get it replaced or checked, here are a few things you can do to fix the problem yourself.

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How Do Massage Guns Work?

Massage guns help relax sore muscles and increase range of motion by stimulating the GTO through percussive therapy, a muscular structure that obstructs contraction. These devices override the feeling of pain in sore muscles and increase blood flow – all without having to see a physical therapist or massage therapist.

Did you know that massage guns work in tandem with your neural mechanism to relieve the soft tissues of pain? They affect the brain’s ability to sense the laxity or tightness of sore tissues, thereby comforting your tendons, muscle, or fascia

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Why Your Massage Gun Is Not Turning On

While there might be several factors hindering the functioning of your massage gun, here are the three most prominent ones:

Power Is Off

Each brand’s massage guns come with different power settings. Therefore, it’s imperative that you switch on the massage gun properly. Some devices call for pressing the power button down for some time. If done correctly, you’ll usually notice some lights turned on. 

Make sure you skim through the instruction manual to avoid missing out on the nuances surrounding your particular massage gun model.

Low Battery

Most branded massage guns have LED indicators for battery power. Is your massage gun not turning on even though it has some power in it? There might be a battery issue.

Charge the device fully, and then try turning it on. The LED battery level indicator should tell you when the device is completely charged.

Make sure not to turn on the massage gun while it’s charging. However, this shouldn’t be a concern since most massage guns come equipped with a safety feature that doesn’t allow the device to turn on when on charge.


Using any device for prolonged periods will most likely overheat it, let alone a massage gun. Keep in mind that the heating will be quicker in hot environments. 

The manufacturer’s manual usually contains the time limit for safely using the massage gun without overheating it. This time varies from model to model and may range from 30 to 60 minutes. 

Sometimes, a massage gun will switch off automatically due to overheating. In such situations, you won’t be able to turn it on instantly. Leave it for half an hour, and then try turning it on again. Usually, it turns back on when it has cooled to a safe temperature.

You might experience overheating even when using a massage gun correctly. Seek customer support from the manufacturer in such scenarios.

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What If the Massage Gun Isn’t Turning On Due to Other Reasons?

There are several other reasons in addition to the above for a massage gun not turning on, which we list in the next section. We recommend you seek professional support from the manufacturer in these situations. 

If your massage gun has malfunctioned within its warranty period, reach out to the manufacturer or seller immediately. They’ll then arrange for its repair or replacement free of cost. Note that the warranty also covers defects in artistry or materials. 

However, if the problem arises following misuse, accident, or mishandling of the device, it wouldn’t fall under warranty coverage. 

We also recommend scanning the user manual or the brand’s website for the manufacturer’s contact details.

Why Does a Massage Gun Fail?

A massage gun may occasionally run into several glitches. These include fast battery draining, rattling noises, defective parts, random shutting off, motor seizing, etc.

However, you’ll seldom encounter these glitches if you go for the higher-end models. Needless to say, you’ll pay a higher amount for such models, but it makes sense to invest in something that’ll deliver value over prolonged periods of time.

There are chances, though rare, that even expensive models may have some difficulties, and this can be especially true for the electric ones. Regardless, a good massage gun comes with many benefits that certainly outweigh the potential issues you may face while using it.

Things to Know About Your Massage Gun

It’s crucial that you know the ins and outs of the device you’re so frequently going to use. Here are the important things to look out for in your massage gun:

  • The battery life of massage guns varies from model to model. Branded products generally have a battery life of up to six hours. However, continuously using a massage gun will drastically bring down its battery life.
  • Always turn off the device after using it so that you can preserve the charge. This will also prevent the sudden turning off experienced due to excessive battery drainage.
  • It’s possible that you may find broken parts in your massage gun. Don’t wait — follow up with the manufacturer to get it fixed.

Bottom Line

We hope you now have the answer to the question, why is my massage gun not turning on? In case you find the problem too difficult to resolve yourself, reach out to the manufacturers or local experts. A professional hand should be able to detect the glitch and fix the device in no time at all.

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