Is The Hyperice Hypervolt Worth The Money?

Is The Hyperice Hypervolt Worth The Money?

At $350, you might be wondering if the Hyperice Hypervolt is worth the money. In this comparative review, we tested the Hypervolt to the $150 less expensive opove M3 PRO. Does a so-called “knock off” outperform the massage gun champion? We wanted to find out.

Let’s first talk about the Hypervolt. There’s no question, the Hypervolt is a fine percussion massage gun. The build quality is exceptional with performance to match. Weighing in at 2.5lbs, it’s quite easy to maneuver without much fatigue.

It has a detachable battery that is rated up to 3 hours of use. That’s assuming you’re using it on the lowest setting. Regardless, having the option to swap the battery for one with a fresh charge is a nice feature.

The Hypervolt also comes with 4 different muscle busting attachments. The 3 speed motor smoothly hums along at 3200RPM thanks to the high-torque motor with Quiet Glide™ technology. That is a fancy term meaning it has a brushless motor.

All in all, the Hypervolt is the perfect package, but the original question remains:

Is the Hyperice Hypervolt the best buy at $350?

Amazon is chalk full of Hypervolt look-alikes. The opove M3 Pro is perhaps one of the most notorious and well rated of the imposters. Looking at the sales page, it’s very obvious the folks behind the M3 Pro are dying to draw the attention of the Theragun and Hypervolt buyers.

Intentional or not, they “borrow” the trademarked Quiet Glide technology name from the Hypervolt in the description. A more blatant misnomer is calling it the G3 Pro, the name of Theragun’s highest end model. Those gripes aside, with a 4.7/5 rating from over 2000 reviewers, we had to try it out.

As of this writing, The M3 Pro is $155. The company behind the M3 Pro claims to offer the same 3200RPM motor, same battery life, same 4 attachment heads, weighs .3 oz less, and carries the same 1 year warranty.

Unlike the Hypervolt, however, the M3 Pro actually comes with a travel case. Hypervolt decided to pull an Apple and charge extra for something that should come in the box in the first place. Like it or not, a Hypervolt branded case is available for $49 dollars, bringing the grand total to $400.

On paper, it’s hard to not argue that the M3 Pro is simply a rebranded Hypervolt. See the two side by side below.

Hypervolt vs. opove M3 Pro Performance

So here’s where the Hypervolt is better than its close relative. The opove M3 Pro is simply not as powerful as the Hypervolt. That’s not to say it’s not powerful enough for most people’s needs. No, it just means that the Hypervolt’s motor offers a more powerful percussive massage. We had no way of measuring the speed difference, but the general consensus of everyone that tested the two agreed. To us, the highest speed on the M3 Pro seems about the same as the second speed on the Hypervolt. We believe for that reason, the M3 Pro was marginally quieter than the Hypervolt as well.

One quirk we have noticed is that with extended use, the opove M3 Pro will begin to overheat and temporarily stop working until it cools. To be clear, we were pushing these guns to their limits. Much more than the average user. We did not have this issue with the Hypervolt.

Hypervolt vs. opove M3 Pro Design

As mentioned before, there’s not much that distinguishes the premium Hyperice Hypervolt vs. opove’s mid-range offering. They’re nearly identical in overall build design. As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details”. As you look closer at the quality, you will begin to notice some little detail differences. In a word, the Hypervolt is more refined. The seams between the plastic are tighter. The painted finish is smoother. It just feels a bit more premium.

The materials on the M3 Pro on the other hand, just feel like a small step down. The battery release button isn’t as solid. The paint finish has some very minor waving to it. We are being ultra particular here only because we are trying to justify the price difference.

Will you notice? If held side-by-side, yes. But if you’ve never seen a Hypervolt or have one to compare it to in person, you will be more than content with the M3 Pro’s quality.

Final Thoughts

Is the Hyperice Hypervolt worth the money? That answer will always be subjective. Here’s what we do know: Although, they both offer comparable features and the performance is not that far off, the Hypervolt is the superior product. Hands down.

One final argument that we have in favor of the Hypervolt is its reputation. You don’t become the most popular massage gun on the market by accident. We have personally been using the Hypervolt daily for over a year without issue. That sort of reliability speaks volumes. If we were to ever have an issue arise, we’re confident Hyperice would back their warranty.

Could we say the same about opove? Your guess is as good as ours.

The crux? You can essentially get two opove M3 Pros for the price of one Hypervolt.

Decisions. Decisions.

If you’re still not sure which massage gun to purchase, perhaps check out our Buyer’s Guide.

Fusion FX Pros

  • Heating feature that actually works
  • Solid build quality
  • 5 speed variable motor with 3 programs built in
  • Detachable battery you can swap out
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Attractive case and 5 attachments included

Fusion FX Cons

  • Motor sufficiently strong for most but some may prefer more power
  • Amplitude is 10mm
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