What to Do When Your Massage Gun Battery Won’t Charge Properly

Devices that accelerate muscle healing have become quite popular these days, and rightfully so. One such gadget is a massage gun. While massage guns have been around for almost a decade, they have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. It seems that no matter where you look, someone just got their hands on the newest model.

That said, it’s a gadget, and gadgets can break. Massage guns in particular are prone to battery issues because of the immense power consumption required to move reciprocating percussion internals. So, what do you do about a massage gun battery not charging? 

In this guide, you’ll learn the best ways to fix a massage gun battery not charging and how to increase its longevity. 

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What’s the Average Battery Life of a Massage Gun?

A fully charged massage gun battery should ideally last for around two to three hours. Some models, such as the Hydragun, can run up to six hours on a single charge.

Moreover, a massage gun generally takes one to two hours to charge fully, so if your gun’s charging time is beyond this range, the chances are that its battery is failing.

Continued use on high settings will quickly draw down a battery’s charge, irrespective of the massage gun model you use. To maximize a massage gun’s battery life, turn it off after every session. 

What Causes a Massage Gun to Malfunction?

Several things may go wrong with a massage gun. This includes but is not limited to: the massage gun not switching on, the battery not retaining charge, the gun shutting off unexpectedly, malfunctioning parts, rattling noises or motor seizing.

Cheaper models and lesser-known (or generic) brands often have the most issues because the battery is one of the most expensive components of massage guns and so this is where corners are frequently cut. Unfortunately, asking for a repair or replacement from these types of brands can be a headache.

That said, there’s always the possibility of failure with a high-end massager; any electrical device can fail. But don’t let this deter you from purchasing a massage gun or improving the one you already own. The advantages of a quality massage gun greatly overpower the risks of any issues you may encounter while using it. 

Reasons Why a Massage Gun Battery Stops Charging 

person plugging in a power cord to a power strip

There are several reasons why your high-end percussive massage gun may not turn on. 

If your massage gun stops working and it’s still under warranty, contact the manufacturer and get it repaired or replaced. 

Here are the top four reasons why you likely have a massage gun battery not charging:

Motor Overheating 

If a massage gun becomes too hot it will immediately shut off, as it should. This usually happens when you use a massage gun for long periods. The manufacturer’s handbook will give you an idea of how long you may use a massage gun before it overheats. You can also find it on the battery pack.

Battery Overcharging 

Most massagers shouldn’t be charged continuously for more than 30 to 60 minutes. However, this may differ depending on a particular model’s battery power.

Loose Charging Connection

Plug in your massage gun properly. Hold the power button for eight to ten seconds; If it still won’t start, the motor is most likely seized due to excessive pressure and battery drain. The solution is simple: charge the massage gun with a USB-A to USB-C cord until the LED flickers.

Faulty Battery Charger 

Take good care of your massage gun charger. Your percussive massager will not charge if the charger is defective. Once you’re done charging the massage gun, unplug the charger from the socket. 

Make sure the charger cord is in a safe location where it won’t be stepped on, tripped over, or otherwise damaged. On the safety front be sure to replace any faulty chargers as soon as it comes to your notice to avoid electrical shock or massage gun damage.

How Do You Fix a Massage Gun Battery Issue?

Before you decide to recycle your percussion massager it is worth trying to diagnose your problem because sometimes massage guns can be fixed with just a few minor tweaks. Here are two ways to fix your massage gun charging issue:

Check the Warranty Period

If your massage gun is within the warranty period (typically one year), you should be able to get a free repair or replacement. Generally, a warranty works only when the product breaks due to manufacturing or material defects. 

It’s worth noting, though, that you won’t be covered if the damage was caused by an accident, overuse, or mishandling.

A massage gun’s warranty is normally voided if it undergoes unauthorized repair, so don’t try to fix it yourself. Check the product manual or go to the manufacturer’s website for information on the massage gun’s warranty.

Massage Gun Battery Replacement

The best thing you can do in case of a faulty massage gun battery is contact the customer care department. After all, if you’re going to replace your massage gun’s battery, why settle? Skip the inferior product from a third-party seller. You can instead enhance the gun’s shelf life by buying and using a battery straight out of the manufacturer’s stock.

Tips for Maintaining a Massage Gun

massage gun in case

Massage guns might lose their efficiency over time due to repeated use or regular wear and tear. Your massage gun will last longer if you follow routine maintenance

Here are some tips to keep your massage gun-running:

  • Add electric motor lubricant oil on the inside and outside of the attachment area to reduce noise and keep the massage gun functioning smoothly. Let a few minutes pass before using your massage gun.
  • Avoid exposing your massager to extreme heat or to water. All massage guns come with a carrying bag for this particular reason, and for portability as well.
  • Wipe your massage gun with antibacterial wipes or a moist towel to keep it clean and germ-free. Allow the gun to dry or wipe the liquid away with a dry cloth.
  • The massager’s foam head should be cleaned with spray sanitizer and air-dried.
  • Don’t try to fix the massager yourself; if it’s making noises or acting unpredictably, call the manufacturer’s customer care support staff.

The Right Way to Charge a Massage Gun

Charging your massage gun the wrong way will most likely damage it. Here’s how you should charge a massage gun:

  • Connect the adaptor’s DC end to the massage gun’s battery compartment. You’ll almost always find the battery compartment at the base of the massage gun.
  • Connect the AC end to a power outlet and wait for the charger’s light to turn on.
  • Once plugged in, the charger’s battery level indicator should start working. It’s usually a red LED light.
  • A green light should appear when the battery is fully charged.
  • Switch on your massage gun and if the battery is fully charged, all the battery’s LED lights will turn on.

There may be tiny variations in the above recommendations depending on the model you’re using, so keep that in mind.

Bottom Line

Even if you follow every little massage gun manual direction and maintain it well, there are still chances of your massage gun battery not charging because of its battery or other components.

If your massage gun is still under warranty, seek a free repair or replacement. And if it’s beyond the warranty period, get the defective battery or parts replaced by an authorized seller only – refrain from repairing it yourself since it’ll void your warranty. 

Massage Gun Battery & Charging FAQs

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