If you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram any time in the last year, you’ve probably seen the KRAFT massage gun videos. Out of nowhere, they inundated your feeds with a relentless torrent of intriguing advertisements.

There’s no mistaking, the KRAFTGUN is a perfectly fine, if not exceptional massager. Unfortunately, without hesitation we’re forced to say: DO. NOT. BUY. IT.

We never like to publicly condemn a company, but in our opinion it’s warranted. Thousands of consumers, just like you, are being hoodwinked into buying what has essentially become vaporware.

Why should you stay away? For two reasons really.

First, KRAFTGUN has largely been disingenuous about their supply chain. Apparently they’ve been plagued with numerous shipping delays from their manufacturer, causing major headaches for both the company and more importantly the consumer. We understand delays, particularly in these turbulent times, but continuing to accept orders with no clear path for delivery is unacceptable.

Second, KRAFTGUN is about to release a brand-new, upgraded massage gun called FORCE and history is already repeating itself…a huge push for pre-orders with no definitive release date.


KRAFT has really done a phenomenal job carving a name for themselves in a very crowded percussion massage gun market. Strangely, we admire a company that is capable of selling thousands of units of an unreleased product. It’s marketing at its finest. However, we don’t condone their practices in the slightest. Regrettably, we too bought into the hype by recommending them to our readers.

Curious to see how not to do business? Simply have a look at their Facebook page. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people all clamoring about the same thing.  This is just a small sample of comments:

krafatgun customer complaints

Sadly, that’s the tip of the iceberg and those are the “nice” comments. It gets much worse. You can overpromise all you want as long as you over deliver, otherwise people just think you’re running a scam.

At this point we’re not genuinely certain that is the case.  In fact, we reached out to KRAFTGUN and said the following concerning the negative blowback:

“To be honest? We deserve it. We had so many delays lately that it made lots of people question our legitimacy.”

It takes a lot of humility to admit you’ve let your customer base down and haven’t delivered as promised. We respect that, but if we’re to ever recommend them again, KRAFTGUN has to forge a new level of trust with their customers. Yes, that does mean more transparency, but frankly, they just need to deliver the dang thing already.

You can roll the dice with KRAFTGUN, but don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

Still Jonesing For The Kraftgun?

Listen, if at this point you’re still wanting the KRAFTGUN, there is a way to get it much sooner, sort of. Check out the Pulse FX.

It’s the exact same massage gun as the original KRAFTGUN, just better. The specs and design? All the same. Not only that, but let us give you 4 more reasons to buy the Pulse FX:

  1. The Pulse FX comes with a convenient charger stand.
  2. The Pulse FX is now available in 4 different colors, including black.
  3. Expedited shipping when ordered through their website. That’s right, take delivery in days not months.
  4. LifePro offers a lifetime warranty on all their products.

In our hand’s on review, we had a very hard time not naming the Pulse FX as our #1 top recommendation.

The overall design and ergonomics are fantastic. The pivoting head in conjunction with the easy to grip handle allow you to effortlessly use it in a variety of different positions.

The Pulse FX also uses the same Samsung battery as the KRAFTGUN. From our extensive testing, the battery life is superb. We could easily keep it off the charger for several days with a considerable amount of use. According to Lifepro, the battery should yield 3-7 hours depending on how you use it.

Also, like the KRAFTGUN, the Pulse FX delivers the same deep, powerful massage unrivaled by most other massage guns. In operation it’s not exactly “noise-free” but at 60 decibels, it’s quiet enough to not draw a lot of attention if used in a gym.

Our bottom line: We genuinely loved the KRAFTGUN, but if you’re wanting it now, the Pulse FX is a safer bet.

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Other KRAFTGUN Alternatives

If you’re not 100% sold on the Kraftgun form factor, why not consider other massage guns?

For instance, take the Ekrin B37 massage gun.  You can get the Ekrin now for about $80 less than the Kraftgun with the promo code “massagegunfight20” applied at checkout.

Side-by-side, their body styles are very different. In our testing, we found both to be equally comfortable to hold and operate. Our preference if we had to choose, goes to the Ekrin B37.


If you’re wanting to compare their specs, they match up equally as well. Kraft vs. Ekrin

Here’s a quick summary:

Ekrin B37 Kraftgun
2.2lbs 2.2lbs
4 attachments 4 attachments
5 speeds (1400-3200 RPM) 3 speeds (1800-2400 RPM)
6+ hours battery on low 7 hours battery on low
Carrying case included Carrying case included
2 Year Warranty 2 Year Warranty

The only thing the Ekrin model lacks is the swiveling head. Even still, is that enough to substantiate the price difference? We don’t think so. In fact, in our Buyer’s Guide, we considered the Ekrin B37 to be one of the best massage guns you can buy based on price, performance, and design.

What Should You Buy?

To be 100% clear, you’re going to be happy with any of these massage guns. We don’t think that you’d be compromising in the slightest with whatever choice you make. If you’re looking for a premium device with a discount, get the Ekrin (use promo code “massagegunfight20” at checkout).

If you’re dead set on buying the KRAFTGUN, get it with the understanding that people do like it, but are waiting a (long, long) while to receive it.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to get off the hype train, you’re going to love the Pulse FX massager. For the best deal, enter promo code “FIGHTPULSEFX” to get $29.97 off at checkout.



Pulse Fx