opove M3 Pro Review

The opove M3 Pro Massage Gun

Massage guns are emerging as a must-have device for anyone that’s looking to recover faster and prevent soreness post workout. With all the hype going to the Theragun and Hypervolt nowadays, it’s easy to overlook the equally fantastic, lesser priced alternatives. In this post, we go hands on with the opove M3 Pro to see how it compares.

Whether it’s a fad or not, people certainly enjoy using a massage gun more than yesteryear’s go-to, the foam roller. Don’t get us wrong, foam rolling is great IF you can manage to use one properly. For most of us, it’s simply much too difficult and painful to effectively utilize.

So instead of awkwardly rolling around on the ground, why not get similar results from the comfort of your couch?

That’s where the opove M3 Pro comes in.

What Is The M3 Pro?

The opove M3 Pro is a percussion massager that fits in the palm of your hand and applies “pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscles”. Opove promotes it as being the ultimate recovery tool.

Benefits of the opove M3 Pro:

  • Maximizes recovery time
  • Improves range of motion by reducing stiffness
  • Gets rid of knots and tension
  • Promotes increased circulation
  • Warms up the muscles pre-workout to reduce injury

opave massage gun

Does It Really Work?

The truth is, the jury is still out. There’s simply not enough research to substantiate these claims. Proof be damned, people in the meantime just keep raving about it.

A small sample of the reviews:

“I cannot express the amount of relief I’ve gotten from this product. It is powerful enough to get into the deep tissues where my pain lives and release the tension therein. I suffer from some chronic pain due to a few ailments, and this has worked better than any prescription.”

“After workouts, when I’ve had a long day at the office, or when my back is tight… I just bust out the M3 Pro and BAM! I feel 20 again.”

“I have a lot of back pains and aches from my autoimmune disease and really wanted something to get the kinks out of my shoulders. This massager gets deep down into my aches. There is so much power and my aches go away after using.”

Using the opove M3 Pro

As we mentioned, using the M3 Pro is very convenient. Because of its small size and weight (just 2.2lbs!), it is very comfortable to use on your own without assistance.

The M3 Pro also has a brushless motor inside, therefore it will quietly hum along while sparing your sensitive eardrums. Unlike the jigsaw-like massage guns of yore, there’s no need to turn the TV volume up when using. It’s not whisper quiet per say, but pretty close.


Whether you prefer a gentle massage or to really “dig in”, this massage gun delivers. The variable 3 speed motor oscillates at 1800 percussions per minute on low all the way up to 3200PPM on high. That sort of flexibility allows you to target even the most sensitive areas without breaking your pain threshold.

What’s In The Box:

It doesn’t seem like much to ask for, but the M3 Pro comes in a faux carbon fiber case. The more expensive Hypervolt, for example, charges an extra $49 for a case.

Inside you’ll find 4 different attachments. Each allows you to target specific areas of the body more effectively.

One detachable lithium ion battery is also included. On the lowest setting, opove promises about 3 hours of battery life. In our testing, we’ve find that to be pretty accurate. Unlike many other massage guns available, the ability to swap out the dead battery for a spare is a nice perk.

Build Quality:

There’s no question, the M3 Pro is pretty solid. According to the company, the shell is made of “Breakthrough Technology” that keeps well with a 6.6ft drop. We can’t confirm or deny that claim, but in our extensive tests, it has held together just fine.

Exterior Finish:

If you like variety, then you’ll be pleased to know that the M3 Pro comes in 3 different finishes: Silver, Black, and Camouflage.

While not a huge fan of the latter, plenty of people are. It sure breaks from the monotony of the other black and silver massage guns out there.

opove M3 Pro vs. Hypervolt

Unquestionably, if you’re at all familiar with massage guns, you want to know if the opove M3 Pro is the same as the Hypervolt. We understand, it looks about the same. The specs are about the same. It must be the same just $150 less, right? Not quite.

If you’re looking for an in-depth answer, we invite you to read our comparative review. The short answer? It’s not as powerful and isn’t made quite as well.

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