Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Review

The Ekrin B37: A Standout In a Crowded Space

Last time we checked, there are over 2000 different massage gun listings on Amazon. Truth be told, once you get past the first page, they all start to look about the same. It sure seems like most of the massage guns roll off the same assembly line in China. That might not be too much of a stretch.

So why, with all the choices available, should you go with the Ekrin B37? Here are a few reasons why we think the Ekrin B37 deserves your hard earned money.

Ekrin B37 massage gun

Ekrin Athletics As A Company

They say that a product is only as good as the company that stands behind it. From our experience, Ekrin Athletics is an excellent company.

Described as being “a young company located in Boston, MA”, we can confirm that they run a very responsive business. We have reached out to them numerous times with several different inquiries. Without fail, we will always get an answer within 24hrs.

To clarify, it was never because we were having issues with the massage gun itself. We simply wanted clarification on miscellaneous things like the length of the warranty, the stall force of the motor or the amplitude of the massage head. Their replies are always very detailed and friendly. A refreshing change from an ever increasing scene of angsty customer service reps.

While we are on the subject of customer service, let’s address the warranty. Ekrin offers a LIFETIME warranty on their massage gun. That’s an industry outlier since most range from only 3 months to 1 year.

Fortunately until now, we haven’t needed to make a warranty claim. However, based on our interactions with them thus far, we feel pretty confident they will stand behind their product. It may not seem important now, but it’s something to keep in mind when you’re purchasing a budget massage gun from some other no-name company.

What’s Different About The Ekrin B37?

Listen, we’ve gotten our hands on a lot of different massage guns. And here’s the thing, the Ekrin B37 doesn’t necessarily offer anything new or innovative over other massage guns out there. But that’s the point we are trying to make, most massage guns offer very similar features and specs. So you don’t need to bang your head on the wall weighing pros and cons of each massage gun you find.

Here’s what we can tell you, the Ekrin B37 is exceptionally well made and it’s more powerful than most other massage guns we’ve tried.

We intentionally push these devices to their limits because we’re not going to recommend something that’s a dud to our readers. In the two months since receiving it, we have been using the B37 constantly throughout the day in a busy rehabilitation facility. Not once have we had any problems with it overheating or something breaking. In comparison, the popular opove M3 Pro, when pushed, will overheat and require some time to cool down before it becomes operational again.

The Ekrin B37 reliably works every time we need it.

Design and Quality

Out of the box, the Ekrin B37 in our opinion, is a very attractive device. At first we questioned the aesthetics of the green shell, but have since grown to love it. We think it is a nice departure from all the other silver and black massage guns out there.

The Ekrin’s initial quality is without a doubt top notch.  In fact, after 6 months of use, it continues to function like new. At this point, there are absolutely no indicators that the Ekrin B37 is going to fail anytime soon.

There’s just the right amount of heft (2.2lbs) to not appear heavy, but enough to let you know this isn’t some flimsy toy. Don’t test this theory, but we imagine it would hold up just fine from a shoulder high tumble to the carpet. It’s that solid.

We also think it feels pretty fantastic to hold in your hand too. The ergonomics of the 15 degree handle is simply perfect and makes it very comfortable to use.

The body is covered in a soft touch plastic that feels premium and smooth, but not slippery. It has just the right amount of grip to it that you won’t be worried you’re going to drop it.

Battery and Operation

Inside the Ekrin B37 you will find a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 4+ hours of battery life. That’s assuming you’re using the lowest setting. From our testing, even using it on high yields a couple hours of operation. At no point did we feel like we were going to run out of juice mid massage.

A pleasant surprise about the operation of the B37 is the noise level. Massage guns used to be super loud. Like almost unbearably loud to the point that you questioned using one without ear plugs. No kidding.

With 5 variable motor speeds, this device hums along at a very tolerable 55dB on its highest setting. You can very well carry on a conversation without the need to raise your voice.

What’s Included In The Box?

The contents of the box are the standard fare. You’ll get a molded travel case, 4 attachments, and a charger. That’s pretty much the norm for most massage guns that you’ll purchase with the exception of a few. Hyperice has the audacity to charge an extra $49 for their travel cases. Mind you, that’s after you fork over $350 for the Hypervolt. Insanity!

ekrin b37 massage gun in case

Why We Love The Ekrin B37

If you’ve been around our site, you can tell we’re sort of fanboys of the Ekrin B37 Massage Gun. We would like to assure you that we’re not sponsored by or compensated by them directly for writing this review. We just happen to really appreciate their customer service and high-quality massage gun.

To help you better decide whether the B37 is right for you, we wanted to quickly outline how it compares to other popular models out there.

Ekrin B37 vs Theragun

There’s no question, the newly introduced massage guns from Theragun are super impressive. They’re leaps and bounds better than their predecessors and now offer an advanced integrated bluetooth App that is surprisingly smart and effective.

We also really like the attachments from Theragun. They’re made from a closed-cell foam that’s significantly more comfortable than the hard plastic massage heads offered by Ekrin.

From the sounds of it, you’re probably leaning more towards getting a Theragun and we would not blame you. The Elite model in particular is a polarizing massage gun. But here’s the difference: The Theragun Elite, for example, will cost you more than twice as much at $399.

If you’re willing to forgo the technology aspects, fundamentally the Ekrin is a better performing massage gun. See how they compare below:

Specs Ekrin B37 Theragun Elite
Stall Force 56lbs 40lbs
Battery Life Up to 8 hours 120 minutes
Speed 3200RPM top speed 2400RPM top speed

As you can see, at its core, the Ekrin Athletics B37 massage gun is the clear winner in the specs department.

Ekrin B37 vs. Hypervolt

To quickly summarize, despite a new refresh model that includes Bluetooth, the Ekrin B37 is a much better choice. Like the Theragun, although it doesn’t have the smartphone App integration, it outperforms it on every front.

The Ekrin has more stall force, more speeds, better battery life, and for the love of all that’s good, Ekrin actually includes a carrying case for free. The Hypervolt case will set you back an additional $50 on top of their $300 introductory price tag. Ouch!

Ekrin B37 vs. LifePro Pulse FX

When comparing the Ekrin to the Pulse FX, it’s truly a toss up. There’s not much we don’t like about the Pulse FX. It’s incredibly powerful, the grip is extremely comfortable to hold, it has a swiveling head for better positioning, and comes with a similar lifetime warranty.

We nominated the Ekrin as our #1 top pick in our Buyer’s Guide, slightly edging out the Pulse FX, due to the price and somewhat better ergonomics. It was a very close call.

Final Verdict

We test an awful lot of massage guns around here. Some are pretty great and others, not so much. One thing is for sure though, since declaring the Ekrin B37 as one of the best massage guns you can buy, we’ve held it to a higher standard.

And while we continue to test new massage guns, we’ve yet to find one that supplants it. Based on the price, performance, battery life, and design, the B37 is still the clear winner in our book.

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