addsfit MAX Review: A Fantastic Mid-Range Massage Gun

The addsfit MAX is yet another emerging brand in the massage gun space. Like many that have come before it, they too have adopted the tried and true Hyperice Hypervolt form factor. Is there anything that differentiates this newcomer from the sea of sameness? The short answer: Yes.

Read on to see why we think the addsfit MAX might deserve your hard earned money.

addsfit MAX: A Quick Review

If initial impressions were what sold massage guns, the addsfit MAX would certainly fly off the shelves. From the unboxing to our final review, there’s nothing about the addsfit MAX that we can justifiably fault. It’s just a well made, high performing massage gun at a fantastic price.


Unboxing the addsfit MAX, there’s not much that stands out about it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It does follow the same ergonomic formula that has made massage guns so popular today. That is to say it shares the same “cross” body design with a textured silicon grip, all wrapped in a smooth, soft-touch reinforced plastic shell. It’s not unique, but it definitely works.

Pardon the redundancy, but the addsfit MAX superbly embodies the Hypervolt’s best qualities and then some.

woman using massage gun on shoulder

The build quality is really quite good. Nothing is out of sorts with the addsfit MAX. The seams are tight and there’s no unnecessary creaking of the plastic. The back and forth motion of the massage head is smooth and controlled. Thus far, there’s really no indication that shortcuts were made in the manufacturing of this massage gun.

Weighing in at just a smidge over 2lbs, the addsfit is incredibly easy to hold and maneuver as you blast those tight quad muscles. Fatigue only set in when we were using it beyond the prescribed amount of time so it was just as well.

Performance and Battery Life

So the one question everyone wants answered is: Will it offer a strong enough percussive massage?

We believe for the majority of people out there, the addsfit MAX will more than suit your needs.

Powered by a 2500mAh battery, this massage gun will plug along for well over a week depending on your usage. Honestly, we’ve yet to come across a massage gun that truly had abysmal battery life. This one is no exception.

adssfit max battery life indicator

Ultimately, battery life will largely depend on how high of a speed you set it on. This particular massage gun has a total of 9 incremental speeds ranging from 1700-3300 RPM. You’ll really notice a huge uptick in power on the last three settings as it kicks into high gear. With a 12mm amplitude and 35lbs of stall force, your muscles are guaranteed to receive a pummeling.

What’s Included?

Inside the box, the addsfit MAX includes a charger, 5 silicon attachment heads, a detailed booklet of instructions, and a hardshell case.

Something we have yet to see with other massage guns is the uniqueness of the silicon heads. Rather than having to remove the entire attachment, they designed them such that you only have to swap out the tip itself. While it really doesn’t change anything functionally, it’s a much easier task since most attachments are rather difficult to remove.

addsfit max attachments

Also, since they are made of silicon the tips are much more comfortable to use. It’s hit or miss, but some massage gun tips are made of a hard plastic that can be a bit jarring on the more sensitive areas of the body, like around the spine or any bone for that matter.

addsfit MAX vs. opove M3 Pro vs. Hypervolt

The opove M3 Pro is certainly one of the most popular Hypervolt knock-offs around. But just because something is popular, does not mean it’s the best alternative. In our opinion, the addsfit MAX is a much better choice between the two.

Performance wise, the opove M3 Pro comes up a little short. The addsfit MAX’s percussive force is much more aggressive, which unfortunately makes it marginally noisier. We’ll tolerate the slight increase in noise for more power any day.

The addsfit MAX also feels like it’s of a higher quality overall too. In our opinion, the fit and finish of the opove M3 Pro is lacking some.

If your final decision boils down to price, you’ll find with our discount code that the addsfit MAX comes in about $10-15 cheaper.

Would we go so far as to say it’s a better choice over the Hypervolt too? Yes, we think so.

Wrap Up

Our time with the with the addsfit MAX was a pleasant surprise. It offers just enough quality and features to make it a huge bargain for anyone wanting to splurge on a new massage gun. The icing on the cake? addsfit offers a 3 year warranty if you register your device online. It’s not quite lifetime, but that’s a heck of a warranty for a massage gun.

While your options may be plentiful, we think the addsfit MAX is worth your consideration.

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