A Lot of Value for Less Than $100: A Review of the Taotronics Massage Gun

TaoTronics is perhaps best well-known for its affordable yet quality headphones — but in recent years, they’ve been slowly branching out into other markets, including massage guns.

The TaoTronics massage gun offers above average power and performance, all for less than $100. In fact, it competes with other top affordable massage guns, such as the he MedcursorApollo Kinetics, and the opove M3 Pro.

We recently tested the TaoTronics massage gun out, and it offers a significant amount of high-quality features with few compromises.

A Proven, Well-Crafted Design

At first glance, there’s not a lot that differentiates the TaoTronics from its competitors. In fact, they adopted the same Hypervolt form factor as other massage guns

Taotronics massage gun
Taotronics massage gun rear display

One notable downside, though, is the overall circumference of the battery handle — it’s marginally heftier than it should be. During our test, we could not completely wrap our fingers around the handle as to touch our middle finger to the thumb. The extra bulk may make it slightly more uncomfortable to wield if you have smaller hands.

If we had to list one con, it would be the overall circumference of the battery handle is marginally heftier than it should be. Our hands are pretty average size and we could not completely wrap our fingers around the handle as to touch our middle finger to the thumb. That extra bulk may make it slightly more uncomfortable to wield if you have smaller hands.

Battery Life and Performance

TaoTronics products are known for their long battery life, and the massage gun is no exception. The manual indicates battery life ranging from 4 to 10 hours on a single charge depending on how you use it. We used it extensively during our test, and the remaining battery life is still in the 80% range, so this claim certainly holds up.

As mentioned, the 2600 mAh battery is removable, which makes it convenient to swap out to a fully charged battery if the occasion arises.

Inside the TaoTronics massage gun, you’ll find a 10-speed, 24V high torque motor. With a massage head amplitude of 12mm, it’s enough to dig into your muscles, but not enough to feel like it’s going to leave a bruise. At that depth, it may feel more analogous to a vibration massage than a percussive one. Depending on your preferences, this may be a good or bad thing.

With 10 incremental speeds, you can dial in a speed that works for you with minimal noise. In fact, it really doesn’t start to get audibly “loud” until you get beyond the 8th speed.

Accessories and Cttachments

Truth be told, there’s not much inside the box that makes TaoTronics stand out against competitors. You get the same polyurethane leather (PU leather) travel case, a charger and six of the same attachment heads.

That said, the air-cushioned soft head was hands-down our favorite attachment. Unlike other attachments that are made of hard plastic, the air-cushioned head is made of silicon with just enough give to make it feel great. In most places, the plastic attachments get the job done, assuming you don’t hit a bone. You’ll want to avoid doing that by whatever means necessary.

Taotronics massage gun

With the air cushioned tip attached, you can effortlessly massage any major muscle group without reservations. We would really like to see more manufacturers include a similar attachment with their massage guns.

Privilege Service

Another hallmark TaoTronics benefit is their service. If you’re willing to take a few minutes to register your new product, something called “Privilege Service.” These features are included in TaoTronics’ “Privilege Service”:

  • 18 month warranty extension on top of the standard 12 months
  • A 60 day return period with free return shipping
  • Priority customer support
  • VIP exclusive discounts

Having had some TaoTronic products that bit the dust early in the past, we can attest to their top-notch customer support and warranty service. It has always been courteous and prompt, and is yet another reason why we can recommend the TaoTronics massage gun without hesitation.

Bottom Line

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the TaoTronics massage gun. There’s not much about it that we didn’t love — and with this price point, that like quickly turns into love.

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