Medcursor Massage Gun Review

The Medcursor Massage Gun

A budget massage gun with solid performance and a sleek design

We just finished testing the Medcursor massage gun and we can already say this massager is an anomaly. We know, we know, we hype up a lot of gear around here. But seriously, with a $99.99 price tag, this “mini massager” delivers BIG performance and value.

While your choices of cheap are plentiful in the massage gun market, many are not worth buying. After our hands on with the Medcursor massage gun, we feel it is a pleasant departure from the bargain bin.

medcursor massage gun

The Cheap Massage Gun Conundrum

Let’s face it, as much as you long for the Theragun G3 Pro, there’s no chance you’re willing to part with $600 to get it. Heck, who are we kidding, $200 for a massage gun is probably more than you want to spend, right?

So here’s how the scenario goes for most: You shop on Amazon, you see a massager that looks similar to the familiar name brands, and proceed to buy one thinking it’s no different…or close enough.

“They’re all made in China, so they must be the same”, you say.


We understand trying to save a buck, but we’ve gotten our hands on a fair share of massage guns and some are pure garbage.

At times, buying the cheapest, most affordable massage gun effectively yields you a paperweight in 3 months.

The King of Cheap

Listen, when you’re trying out a sub $100 massage gun, you keep your expectations in check.

However, opening the Medcursor massage gun case, we were a little shocked. Truth be told, we did not expect the fit and finish to be super impressive. Contrary to what we thought it would be, it’s superb.

When comparing the $199 opove M3 Pro to the $350 Hypervolt, we pointed out that one key differentiator between the two was the quality. It makes sense that concessions would be made on a device that costs $150 less.

Now the Medcursor is $100 less than the M3 Pro, but easily surpasses it in quality. No kidding.

The Medcursor massage gun’s smaller size allows for a very nice fit in the hand. It feels substantial too. Not heavy, but solid and well put together.

We love the choice of materials. The handle is covered in a soft touch plastic that is very comfortable to hold. The barrel, if you will, is wrapped in a perforated thin metal covering. The metal dissipates heat better than an ABS plastic shell. In our opinion, it makes for a really sharp design and look.

close up of medcursor massage gun

Performance and Battery Life

Something that is labeled as “mini”, generally means it’s a compromised,  under performing version of something better. That is not the case here.

Inside the Medcursor you will find a 24V high-torque brushless motor that quietly hums along at 3200RPM on high. And it really is quiet. Perhaps the quietest massage gun we have tested to date.

The Amazon sales page states it’s a 3 speed motor, but in fact it has 5 speeds. We assumed it might be a typo, but even their promotional images only show three indicator lights. Oh well, we like the extra speeds.

In use, the amount of percussive force was more than expected. Of all the “cheap massage guns” we have tried, it is certainly the strongest. No contest. The amplitude of the massage head is rated at 11mm, so if you’re looking for a really deep massage, you’ll need to pay a bit more out of pocket to upgrade.

Powering the massager is a lithium ion LG battery which holds a charge for up to 3 hours. It’s probably more than enough to leave off the charger for a week or so with moderate use.

What’s In The Box?

medcursor massage gun with attachments in case

The Medcursor massage gun does include a molded case, charger, and 6 attachment heads.

While they’re not revolutionary, we like the inclusion of the two metal tipped, flat attachment heads. The metal allows for easy cleanup if you happen to use any sort of massage oil or menthol lotion in conjunction with your massage. A nice addition not universally offered in this space.

We always appreciate when a case is included in the box, but this one is a little larger than most due to its round shape. A little ironic considering the size of the massage gun itself.

Should You Buy It?

The last lingering question you may have at this point is whether you’ll have buyer’s remorse if you purchase the Medcursor over a more expensive model.

If you’re looking for a massage gun that is well made, offers plenty of percussive power and won’t break the bank, this is an excellent choice. We don’t think you’ll feel like you settled based on everything you get for the $99 price tag.

If you’re looking for some alternatives that offer a bit better battery life and more power, consider one of our top 9 picks.

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