Apollo Kinetics Pulse Max Review

Apollo Kinetics: Big Performance. Small Price.

UPDATE: While we still consider it a great massage gun, apparently the Pulse MAX is no longer for sale. Check out our Buyer’s Guide for a list of other massage gun recommendations.

Lately, we’ve been skimming the bottom of the $100 massage gun barrel to see if there is anything worth recommending. While there are plenty we would give a hard pass to, the Apollo Kinetics Pulse MAX is not one of them. After testing it for 3 days, we believe it deserves a place at the adult’s table.

What It Is:

The Apollo Kinetics Pulse MAX is relative newcomer to the massage gun market. Unlike its well reviewed sibling, the Pulse, the Pulse MAX has yet to gain much attention. And that’s precisely why we wanted to try it out, to see if it lives up to its predecessor’s high marks.

To save you the hassle of skipping to the end, we’ll just come right out and say it, the Apollo Kinetics Pulse MAX is very good massage gun that deserves your consideration.

Why We Like It:

The Pulse MAX is a refreshing departure from the ubiquitous cheap massage gun formula. Yes, it’s extremely affordable at just $119.99, but it screams Hypervolt-like quality. Seriously, holding it in your hands, you’ll wonder if someone sent you the wrong massager. We like being pleasantly surprised and think you will be too.

The form factor may resemble that of the Hypervolt, but in our opinion it is much more svelte. The body, for instance, has a uni-body design that is wrapped in what they call a “micro griptech coating”. It’s basically a rubberized coating that gives it a very premium feel.

Cosmetically, you have your choice of four different body colors: Charcoal Black, Flat White, Graphite Gray, and Sweet Plum. Each body color is offset by a complimentary colored accent ring around the rear display. We realize you don’t buy these things to make a fashion statement, but the added styling is a great touch.

Specs and Design

Some may consider it a con, but there’s no detachable battery which overall makes for a very cohesive and solid massage gun. We don’t think you’ll miss the replaceable battery option since it already delivers up to 6 hours of service per charge. That should be plenty of power to get you by between charges. You can keep track of the battery level by the digital readout on the back.

The size dimensions and weight match that of most other massagers out there and therefore unremarkable.

Under the hood, lies a quiet 6 speed brushless motor. One quirk we noticed was that between the 5th and 6th speed, there wasn’t much of a difference if any. Still, at the end of the day the output and amplitude will be enough for most people. If prefer a bit more of a deep thump, you’ll want to look at the Pulse FX if that’s a must-have requirement.

Apollo Kinetics Accessories

Inside the the box, the Apollo Kinetics massage gun comes with a carrying case, 4 attachment heads, a charger, and 2 rubber grommets for the heads in case they wear out. Grommets are typically not included with these devices, but we always worry that they will wear out.

In case of failure, the Apollo Kinetics Pulse MAX comes with a standard 1 year warranty.

pulsemax massage gun in case

How Does It Compare?

In the cheap budget category, the Apollo Kinetics really holds its own. At just over $100, the design, power, and performance exceeds most others at that price point. If we had to choose between the Pulse MAX and the Medcursor, we would the latter for the marginally stronger motor. However, when compared to more expensive models like the Ekrin B37, Pulse FX, or Hypervolt, the power differences are far more apparent. The Pulse MAX can’t keep up.

We’ve said it before, but unlike other review sites, we personally test each and every item we recommend. In general, unless we come away impressed, we don’t write a review. With regards to the Apollo Kinetics Pulse Max, reviewing it was like getting an unexpected check in the mail; a totally welcome surprise.

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