How to Self Massage Feet for an A+ Foot Massage

How to Perform a Supreme Self Foot Massage

Sore feet really stink (pun intended). At my job, I’m constantly running from one hectic activity to the next. I pound the pavement both figuratively and literally! At the end of the day, my dogs are barking, my pups are yelping, and my hooves are heated… translation: my feet are sore! I break down here how to get that luxury level relaxation by teaching you how to self massage feet.

Regardless of what you do during the day, every single ounce of pressure your body exerts gets absorbed by your feet. Whether you’re wearing dress shoes, sneakers, or heels, there’s no way to avoid the impact on your soles over time. So, yeah, foot soreness eventually catches up to everyone. Fortunately, there is a simple and healthy method for dealing with it. 

The Foot Massage

It doesn’t matter if you’re a foot massage master or not. As long as you have a way of ensuring your feet get some form of rubdown, all will be well. This is because your feet have 15,000 nerve endings that respond to any type of pressurized touch. That is actually why most foot massages feel so good. Not to mention, the many healing benefits that also come as a result of a proper foot massage:

  • Better circulation – Whether you’re on your feet for a while or not, a fast ten-minute foot massage can help with blood circulation.
  • Reduced swelling – Foot massages assist with fluid retention that helps lessen swelling in your feet and ankles.
  • Pain relief – By massaging certain pressure points in your feet, you can help reduce pain throughout your body including headaches, neck pain, or even upper back aches.
  • Better sleep – Massaging your feet right before bed is a great way to begin the unwinding process. It allows your body to relax, which could help you fall asleep faster and for a longer period of time.

Three Types of Self Foot Massage

If you’re by yourself and need a good foot massage, never fear! There are plenty of easy, relaxing ways to self massage feet (and only you) can perform to ensure your feet feel refreshed.

  • Hand massage: If your hands can reach your feet, then you will be able to give them a good massage. Start off by warming up your foot’s tissue with your thumbs by working from the heel bone to the base of your toes. Simply push your thumbs in towards each other and then out. Next, use your thumbs to gently stretch out your toes by spreading, squeezing, and extending them. Then, with your fingers or knuckles, knead your foot at the base, again from heel to toes. For any extra sore areas, apply firm pressure for 8 to 12 seconds. Once finished, spread some soothing lotion on your feet while still applying some pressure.
  • Foot massager: Give your hands a rest by going with a foot massage machine. These types of massagers provide some extra beneficial features such as rolling pressurized massaging, compression therapy, and heat therapy. They adjust to whatever comfort level suits you best and are very easy to operate. Some are even designed to massage your calves (in addition to your feet).
  • Massage gun: If you want to utilize a hand and machine massage combo, then go with a pressurized wireless massage gun. Ergonomically designed, these guns feature a variety of different massage head attachments to specifically pinpoint areas of your feet that are most sore. They also provide different levels of pressure that allow you to customize your massage.

Final Footnotes

It can be a little awkward asking someone to massage your feet. Hopefully, by now, you have an excellent understanding of the ways you can provide that service yourself and self massage feet! Just remember to keep in mind all of the following:

  • There are a number of health benefits to stimulating the 15,000 nerve endings located in your feet. You get better circulation, reduced swelling, pain relief, and even obtain better sleep!
  • There are three different self foot massage options available. You can choose to use your own hands, slide your feet into a foot massager machine, or apply pressure with a massage gun.
  • You know your body, so always massage at a level that you are comfortable with. Each massage should not take very long, so be sure to go easy on yourself.
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