Why Is the Lomi Massage Gun So Inexpensive?

Have you ever heard of the saying “you get what you pay for?” Well, that’s certainly the case with many products out there — and the Lomi massage gun is no exception.

This under-$50 massage gun has a 1-star rating on Walmart, and while it’s become pretty popular due to its low price point, that’s pretty much the only thing we liked about it. We reviewed its performance and we’re here to tell you that while it may be tempting, you should steer clear of this massage gun during your search.

Beware of the Long Battery Life on the Lomi Massage Gun

More likely than not, you want a massage gun that works harder, not longer. After all, you’re likely not going to use the full two, three, or four-hour battery life of a massage gun in one sitting. With that in mind, it makes sense to prioritize a better-quality massage gun which you’ll have to charge a bit more often.

The Lomi massage gun features a five-hour battery life. Initially, that sounds impressive, but we’ve reviewed hundreds of massage guns and found that the longer the battery life above three or four hours, the diminishing returns.

Ideally, you want a massage gun with slightly lower battery life (2-4 hours) that applies over 50lbs of pressure.

Myth: Quality Massage Guns Cost a Fortune

There’s no rule that says the more you pay the better the massage gun you receive. There are plenty of affordable massage guns on the market that provide outstanding performance and don’t break the bank. However, the Lomi massage gun just isn’t one of them.

Take the VYBE V2, for example. This massage gun checks all of the boxes of a good quality, reliable and, most importantly, affordable massage gun. It’s fairly priced just above $50 (as of time of publication) and has high-quality features at a budget-friendly price point. Unlike the Lomi massage gun, the VYBE V2 actually made our muscles feel better after using it.

Why You Should Reconsider the Lomi and Buy the VYBE V2 Instead

When it comes to buying a massage gun, we don’t swear by a “one massage gun fits all” mentality. Different features (attachment heads, speeds, price, etc.) fit different types of people. However, after using the Lomi massage gun numerous times, we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The Lomi usually attracts bargain shoppers due to its low price. So instead, our #1 pick for an affordable and still good-quality massage gun is the VYBE V2.

Vybe Massage Gun

Why Do We Like the VYBE V2 So Much?

The VYBE V2 impresses us in many ways. We review many affordably-priced massage guns that end up lacking quality, but the V2 isn’t one of them. The V2 blows our suspicions away with six speed levels ranging from 500 to 2,400 strokes per minute.

We’ve also tested out the 90-degree rotating arm to hit difficult-to-reach muscles, which elevated the experience even more. We could really feel the difference between the two massage guns and realized that was a result of the 60+ pounds of pressure the VYBE V2 has.

Best of all? At the time of publication, the V2 is available for less than $70. It’s no wonder why it immediately took over our #1 pick for affordable massage guns.

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