Relxbit Mini Review: World’s Smallest Massage Gun

The Relxbit Mini is perhaps the world’s smallest portable percussion massage gun. It’s very well made, delivers a surprising amount of power, and because of its nano sized form factor, it’s the perfect travel companion too. Does this mean the Relxbit Mini has all the best specs and features? No, it does not. But it is does delivers where it counts.

Relxbit Mini: Sizing it up

So let’s start off by talking about the obvious: its size.

As the name implies, the Relxbit Mini is incredibly small. How small relative to other massage guns, you ask? Have you ever seen the comical 80’s movie Twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito?

Yes? The Relxbit would be Danny DeVito.

Or in more modern terms, the footprint (137mm x 90mm) of the Mini closely matches that of an iPhone 11 Pro Max. And that is a good thing, because it fits very comfortably in the palm of your hand. As you’d imagine with so much size reduction, it’s incredibly lightweight too at a paltry 1.08lbs!

Relxbit Mini percussion massager

Quality and Design

Initial quality of the Relxbit Mini is top-notch as well. We’re impressed by the all-metal construction with nary a screw in sight. The Mini is so tightly put together, the body almost appears to be forged from a single piece of aluminum. In this case, all the seams melt away into one cohesive, smooth shell. We would wager this thing will easily stand up to everyday abuse without falling apart anytime soon.

Motor and Battery Life

Inside the Relxbit Mini you will find a whisper quiet 4-speed brushless motor with an amplitude of 10mm. With speeds ranging from 1800-3200rpm, it’s not the most powerful motor on the block, but it does provide ample power for its intended purpose. To our delight, using the Mini is really quite effortless and the massage it produces is actually quite nice. Not too strong, not too soft.

Will it be enough for you? More on that later.

Powering the Mini is a 2200mAh battery that promises up to 6 hours of operation on a 1.5 hour charge. After the initial charge a week ago, we have yet to put it back on the charger with daily periodic usage. So far the battery life has not been a concern and we’re glad.

Who is the Relxbit Mini for?

In order to fully appreciate the Mini, you need to align your expectations more with what it is rather than what it is not.

This is not a $400 Theragun Elite that will deliver massive amounts of percussive power with an unnecessary amount of stall force. Nor should you expect a punishingly deep massage akin to the LifePro Pulse FX. If those are your priorities, you’ll be sorely disappointed with this massage gun.

Here is what the Relxbit Mini is: it’s an extremely portable and discrete massage gun that can be toted and used almost anywhere.

Think about all the different scenarios where using a full-sized massage gun would be out of sorts. Places like the office, the airport, or even riding along in the car. That’s precisely where the Relxbit Mini shines.

It’s so small and quiet, you will actually find it encouraging to sneak in a massage without drawing the attention of all those that surround you. Throughout our week of testing, we too found ourselves using the Mini more often than we normally would because it sat unobtrusively on our desks without taking up too much space.

What’s In the Box?

In the very tiny box, the Relxbit Mini comes with 4 standard massage gun attachments, a USB-C cable, instructions on how to use it and a vinyl carrying pouch.

Relxbit mini massage gun in box

We would be remiss if we did not highlight that the Relxbit is charged with a USB-C cable, not an AC adapter. That’s huge! That means with any USB plug, whether on your laptop, battery pack or car charger, you can top off the battery. A feature we wish every massage gun had.

Final Thoughts and Discount

While we had our reservations, The Relxbit Mini turned out to be wonderful surprise for us. As long as you understand what you’re buying and the limitations that come with it, we think you will absolutely love owning this massage gun.

If you’re skeptical about purchasing, every massage gun from Relxbit comes with a worry-free 30 day return period plus a 24 month warranty.

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