How to Change a Theragun Attachment the Right Way

There is no better feeling than indulging yourself in a relaxing massage after a tough workout session or a long day sitting at your desk. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time (or money, for that matter) to splurge on regular trips to the masseuse.

The good thing is that you don’t have to. A good massage gun is a great substitute for regular trips to a private massage therapist.

From professional athletes to weekend warriors, one name that has stood out on the massage gun market is Theragun. This muscle tool acts like a power drill that uses percussive massage therapy to treat muscle soreness and relieve pain.Like most other massage guns, the Theragun comes with different attachment heads that can be applied to different-sized muscle groups.

If you’ve been thinking about which attachment to use when treating muscle pain, this massage gun attachment guide will hit the spot — literally. Keep reading to find out how to use massage gun heads properly for an even better massaging experience.

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How to Use Different Theragun Attachments

Most massage guns have several attachment options which can be better for specific muscle problems. The attachments on your Theragun are used to break down muscle tissue in dense areas of the body such as the pecs, glutes and back. Each one  is adapted to treat a specific area of your body more comfortably.

Every attachment also has a unique firmness and shape to ensure the right treatment in the right area. Made with closed-cell foam, these attachments easily glide over skin without absorbing lotions, oils or sweat. Ideally, you should change your device attachments every 60-90 days, depending on the number of times they are used during treatments. Here are some of the different attachments and their usage:


This attachment is designed for general use, mostly for tender or bony areas. Closed-cell PU foam makes it easy to clean, meaning it won’t absorb sweat or oils. Its wide base maximizes surface area for greater, more efficient contact with the body. This one is compatible with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO, G3.

Large Ball

Used mostly for the treatment of large muscle groups. It has a greater surface area and a low impact level to treat muscle groups such as glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. Like the dampener above, it’s made out of comfortable, closed-cell PU foam and is compatible with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO, G3.

Standard Ball

Perfect for overall use on large and small muscle groups. A smaller shape and higher impact level than the dampener makes it a more targeted option before, during, and after a workout. It’s compatible with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO, G3. The closed-cell PU foam also provides easy cleaning.


A cone breaks up scar tissue, so it’s no wonder that it’s a pro’s favorite. Made out of closed-cell PU foam, this attachment pinpoints muscle treatment and trigger points. It targets smaller muscle groups, including the hands and feet. Use it with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO, G3.


Perfect for trigger points and the lower back (as it was designed to mimic an actual human thumb). You can use it in any area you would use your actual thumb for muscle relaxation. Also made of comfortable closed-cell PU foam, this one is compatible with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO, G3.


Uniquely designed for “scraping” and “flushing” which helps to decrease the amount of lactic acid buildup in muscles. Made of comfortable closed-cell PU foam, the wedge attachment won’t absorb lotions, oils or sweat. You can use it with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO, G3.


This is Theragun’s version of vibration therapy and is mostly used for those extra sensitive areas (including boney spots). Whether it’s particularly sore muscles or just areas of your body that need a lighter touch, the Supersoft attachment will work its magic with just the right amount of intensity. It is also compatible with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO, G3.

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How to Change a Theragun Attachment

One thing, among others, that makes the Theragun muscle tool universally loved is its ease of use. The attachments swap out without breaking a sweat, so you can get your desired treatment whenever and wherever you need it.

If you’re a first-time shopper, or if you have the Theragun at home but want to replace it with an attachment designed to target your specific muscle problem, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’re going to share step-by-step instructions on the right way to change your Theragun attachment so you can maximize your benefits (and minimize busy work) when using this powerful tool.

Step 1: Hold the connected attachment by placing it firmly in your hand. 

Step 2: Keep your hand straight. Grab the handle of the massager, grab the attachment firmly, and then simply pull the two apart. It will take steady (but not heavy) force for the attachment to release.

Step 3: Choose your desired replacement attachment.

Step 4: Fix the attachment to the tip of the arm and push it firmly into the device to connect.

Step 5: Enjoy your massage responsibly.

Bottom Line

Massage guns are both cost-effective and convenient for treating achy muscles, all from the comfort of your own home. Most generally come with at least one attachment, affording you a diverse means of attaining relief. Changing a Theragun attachment can be a great way to customize your Theragun massage gun, but it must be done correctly to maximize its benefits.

With the right steps and detailed information on all of the Theragun attachments we provided, there’s no doubt that you’ll find one that works smoothly and effectively. This will help you get the best out of your massage gun and your massages in the long run.

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Theragun Attachment FAQs

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