iReliev Massage Gun Review

The iReliev percussion massage gun is an excellent example of the phrase “less is more”. With a toned down sleek design, quiet operation, and plenty of power to soothe your achy muscles, the iReliev is a great buy at less than $150.


Portable size
Excellent build quality
Includes a carrying case and 5 massage heads
Above average battery life
1 year warranty


Overall amplitude below average (8mm)

iReliev Percussion Massager

iReliev, a company best known for their premium line of FDA cleared EMS/TENS units and parent company of PlayMakar, has just released their first massage gun. Having been in the pain relief industry for many years, they know a thing or two about producing an effective product that meets or exceeds federal compliance guidelines. Beyond that, their customer satisfaction ratings are all 5 stars. After spending some time with their massage gun, we too are willing to give it high marks.


Percussive Stroke Length: 10 mm

Frequency: 150 Hz.

Weight: Less than 2 lbs

Low Noise: 45-60 dB

Rechargeable: 4 hours of run time

High Torque Brush-less Motor: 3 Levels: Level 1: 1800 RPM, Level 2: 2400 RPM, Level 3: 3200 RPM

First Impressions

In our opinion, the iReliev massage gun is all about simplicity. The carrying case that it comes in is practical, but not overly ornate. The case is molded on the inside so the massage gun, attachments, and charger all stay perfectly in place. In the interior mesh pocket you will discover an instruction manual and a pamphlet explaining how to extend the 1 year warranty to 2 years.

Lifting the iReliev out of the case, we immediately took note of how lightweight it felt. Weighing in at just under 2 pounds, its very comfortable to hold for an extended amount of time. We’ve tested other massagers in the past that weighed around 3lbs and it became very cumbersome very quickly. Not so with the iReliev. In fact, we tend to use it more often for that reason.

iReliev massager in case

We think you’ll really enjoy the exterior material of this massage gun. It is covered in an all-black soft touch plastic that really feels fantastic to hold. It’s ultra smooth, but not slippery, like you’re about to drop it. In fact, because of the small diameter of the handle, you should be able to wrap your entire hand around it for a firm grip.

Power & Performance

To turn the percussion massager on, simply press and hold the power button found on the back for about 2-3 seconds. It’s hard to put in words, but when you turn the motor on, it produces this low pitched wispy/whirling sound that has a certain amount of refinement to it. Yes, it is a mechanical percussive motor,  but it is by no means clunky. Best analogy: it’s the difference between a BMW motor and that of a muscle car. It’s smooth, yet powerful. The 3 speed variable motor ranges from 1800-3200 RPM which will suit most people nicely. This is a typical RPM found in much more expensive massage guns, so it’s good for any new buyer because you are paying less for the same amount of power.  All 3 settings provide just the right amount of force to be effective, yet remain comfortable to use.

The Massage Heads

The iReliev massage gun is equipped with four unique and comfortable massage heads.

iReliev massage gun accessories
  • Large head: Best used to relax larger muscle groups that are all tensed and need a little extra love.
  • Fork head: The fork head is designed so that you are able to maneuver over sensitive areas including the spine or achilles tendon.
  • Bullet head: A personal favorite of ours,  the bullet attachment allows for pinpoint accuracy on your feet, hands, and wrists. Suffer from trigger points? This is the one for that!
  • Flat head: Another all-around massage gun attachment to target almost anywhere.

When used in conjunction with each other, this combination of massage heads exceeded our expectations. Not only are they comfortable, but they are durable.  Hard core athletes and couch surfers rejoice, the iReliev percussion massager will make quick work of those tired, stiff muscles and joints.  

Battery Life

Take it from us, you’re not going to be worrying about the battery life in the slightest. During our testing period, we intentionally push these massage guns to their limits. After a week of abuse, we still had a small amount of battery life left from the initial charge. In order to get the absolute best on-going battery life out of the iReliev massage gun, the initial charge is key. Before placing a lithium ion battery under load, you have to fully charge the battery. We get it, the first thing you want to do when you open the box is to try it out, but trust us on this one. Charge the battery first and you’re guaranteed to extend the battery life long term.

iReliev battery life indicator

To fully charge the 2000mAh battery, on average it takes about 3-4 hours. That may seem like a lot, but it will yield about 7 hours of operation in return. Given that you will likely only use it for about 20 minutes at a time, that should net you about a week or two before having to plug it in again.

iReliev vs. the competition

Currently priced at a very affordable $129.95, the iReliev sits very comfortably in the middle echelon of massage guns. The build quality, performance, and battery life make for a very appealing option when comparing it to the competition. For the average person, this massage gun will more than meet your needs and should provide years of reliable service. However, if you know that you prefer a very powerful massage, the iReliev might not live up to your expectations. The stall force and amplitude don’t quite match that of more expensive devices like the Pulse FXEkrin, or Theragun. More power will always come at a premium. Whether it’s worth spending the extra money is entirely up to you.

Bottom Line

If you’re considering buying iReliev’s first massage gun, we would say you can’t go wrong. There are really no cons that we could find with it and it’s being sold at an incredible price. On top of that, you’re buying from a reputable company that stands behind their products. Don’t be fooled into thinking that saving a few dollars by purchasing from a no-name company is worth it. It’s not. In our opinion, the iReliev percussion massager is a very solid offering that we think you’ll be more than pleased with.

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