LifePro DynaSphere Review: More Power For Less

Quick Verdict

The LifePro DynaSphere is an innovative new massage gun that blurs the lines between the mid-range and premium massage gun. Offering above average power at a price that can’t be beat, the DynaSphere is certainly one of the better massage guns on the market today.


Portable size
Excellent build quality
Includes a carrying case and 5 massage heads
Above average battery life
1 year warranty


Overall amplitude below average (8mm)

With so many massage guns on the market today, does there come a point where enough is enough? For LifePro Fitness, it’s a definitive no. Already selling an impressive 7 percussion massagers, LifePro just unveiled 3 more including the all-new DynaSphere massage gun. And fortunately for us, it’s not business as usual.

Introducing the LifePro DynaSphere

Before its release, the marketing team over at LifePro reached out to us to see if we would be willing to check out a brand new massage gun called the DynaSphere. With a name like that, call us intrigued. Of course we wanted to try it out!

Out of sheer curiosity, we Googled the name just to see what results came back. As it so happens, the DynaSphere was a monowheel vehicle design from the early 1930’s. Interesting. Did LifePro draw inspiration from it? We’ve yet to get confirmation, but we do see some external body similarities.


History lesson aside, we’re excited to tell you about the LifePro DynaSphere. While every massage gun that we initially test has that shiny new feel to it, seldom does the allure last. There’s really no question that without much diversity, these devices become pretty forgettable rather quickly around here. The DynaSphere on the other hand has just enough uniqueness to it, we’ve yet to put it down.

How We Tested The DynaSphere

The way in which we test and review each and every massage gun is based on 4 basic criteria: Design, Performance, Battery Life, and Noise Levels. Added points are always given for any extra ingenuity or smart attachments that may be included. We also like to use the massage guns in various different capacities or scenarios to mirror real life usage. For the most part, the LifePro DynaSphere did very well in every category.

DynaSphere Design

The design is really quite refreshing compared to the ubiquitous “T” shaped, Hypervolt design. We say Hypervolt because it’s a well-known reference that many manufacturers have copied.

Instead, and as the name implies, the DynaSphere has a sphere shaped body that actually has some utility to it. If you ever need some extra leverage, imagine gripping it like a baseball. It allows for a certain amount of extra control and additional pressure that you otherwise would not be able to achieve.

DynaSphere massage gun

We also appreciate the ergonomically designed handle that has about a 10 degree angle to it. It may not seem like much, but it does reduce wrist bend which ultimately leads to arm fatigue.

Another neat feature of the LifePro DynaSphere is the way you turn it on/off. Rather than trying to finagle a tiny switch on the bottom of the handle, you simply twist the entire base. The textured plastic adds a bit of tackiness for better grip too.

Just above the handle on the backside of the sphere is the speed controls. In our opinion placing the button there is a smart design decision since you can easily use your thumb to dial in your desired intensity. Maybe it’s just our unit, but this is where the DynaSphere received its first ding.

More often than not, pressing the button would register two to three presses in one. Unless we were very deliberate and pressed the button slowly, the speed would jump up several notches more than what we wanted. It’s not a deal breaker, but a flaw we felt was worth mentioning here.


If you’re one that cares less about aesthetics and more about performance, this section is for you.

Let’s just get this out of the way, the LifePro DynaSphere is a beast when it comes down to raw power. With an astounding 66lbs of stall force on the highest setting, there’s not an achy muscle on the planet that won’t be beat firmly into submission. For reference, if you compare the stall force of the DynaSphere vs the almighty Theragun Pro, that’s 6lbs more force! Not too bad considering the DynaSphere will run you about $400 less. Just to clarify, on the lower settings the percussion is very soft and comfortable to use. We’re just saying the power is there if you need it.

Next is amplitude. For quick reference, amplitude is the total travel distance of the massage head back and forth. The more travel, the deeper the massage.

The actual amplitude of the DynaSphere is 13mm. That’s 3mm less than the Theragun and LifePro’s very own Pulse FX model. On the flipside, that’s also more amplitude than about 80% of all other massage guns. We really think it’s the sweet spot because too much amplitude can be a bit jarring and could result in bruising.

From the calves to the quads to the traps, not once did we feel like the DynaSphere was lacking in power. It just feels great everywhere, which really makes it an all-around safe bet for most individuals looking to pick up a massage gun.

Battery Life and External Charging

LifePro advertises a 7 hour battery life for the DynaSphere. For us, that was surprising, particularly because the battery capacity is only rated at 2000 mAh. Most other massage guns come with a capacity more in the ballpark of 2500 mAh. Yes, that did raise some concerns, but come to find out they were unfounded.

We are now going into day 5 of testing and our test unit still has approximately 40-50% remaining. It should be noted, that includes 30 minutes of external charging.

External charging? Yes, you read that right. It’s the first of its kind, but the DynaSphere does in fact come with a USB plug that acts like a portable battery charger. Like our favorite Anker portable charger, you can plug in your dying cell phone and top it off. It might be a little bit of a gimmick, but just might come in handy.

DynaSphere massage gun external charging

We took it for a spin to see how well it functions and the results weren’t super impressive. After 30 minutes of plugging in our Samsung Galaxy phone, the battery increased by an unremarkable 15%. Keep in mind, that power is being siphoned from the massage gun itself and will chip away at that reported 7 hours of battery life.

So no, you’re probably not going to use the charging feature that often, but who’s going to argue with its inclusion? We think it’s kind of clever.

Noise Levels

We find the noise levels of the DynaSphere to be about average and therefore, unremarkable. It’s not whisper quiet, nor is it obnoxiously loud. With an operating decibel range from 50-60dB, it’s quiet enough to use while watching TV without the need to turn up the volume.

With the amount of power that it produces, we really don’t expect it to be any quieter than it already is.


Inside the box, LifePro has included an assortment of 5 different attachments with the DynaSphere. We are happy to report that all of them are made from a pliable silicon-like material which makes them a little more forgiving on the body. The all plastic attachments used by other manufacturers tends to feel a bit more abrasive, especially if used directly on the skin.

By and large, we found the included tips to not only be comfortable but effective for their intended purposes. The only gripe we had was with the bullet head. Because of the smoothness of the material, it is much more difficult to remove than it needs to be.

LifePro vs Hypervolt

When you contemplate purchasing a premium product like the Hyperice Hypervolt, one always wonders if it’s worth the money. After all, what’s the difference between a $350 Hypervolt and this $199 LifePro massage gun?

LifePro DynaSphere Hyperice Hypervolt
6 Variable Speeds 3 Variable Speeds
7 Hour Battery Life 3 Hour Battery Life
5 Attachments 5 Attachments
Lifetime Warranty 2 Year Warranty
66lbs Stall Force 57lbs Stall Force
No Bluetooth Bluetooth
Built-in Battery Charger No built-in charger

Go ahead, weigh the pros and cons but where it counts, the LifePro massage gun is a much better choice over the Hypervolt.

Final Verdict

On average, the best massage guns you can buy are priced right around $199 dollars. There are some exceptions, but for the most part the massage guns at that price point offer the best combination of power, features, durability, and warranty. In this case, the LifePro DynaSphere checks all those boxes.

DynaSphere massager in case

Also, when you buy a LifePro product, you’re also getting their lifetime warranty and “Guiding Angel” lifetime support. Should anything happen to your massage gun, they’ll actually stand behind their promise and replace it.

Need another reason to buy from LifePro? When you purchase the DynaSphere, you can register online to receive a free vibrating massage ball– free ($49 value)! All the details are on a postcard in the box.

For us, this massage gun is a winner and it deserves a place amongst the best massage guns our there.

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