LifePro Fusion FX Heated Massage Gun Review

We have three words for you: HEATED. Massage. Gun.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. We had the chance to try out the LifePro Fusion FX Heated Massage Gun and it’s one of the best devices we’ve ever tested! (Note: To avoid confusion, the Sonic FX was renamed to the Fusion FX. Besides the name, nothing else changed)

Rarely in our testing do we come across a massage gun as fresh and innovative as the Fusion FX. It might share a form factor similar to the Hypervolt, but the Fusion FX is far from the same.

Fusion FX Heated Massage Gun: Just a gimmick?

As companies scramble to set their products apart, they tend to add extraneous, unnecessary features. Features that are cool in theory, but the execution is severely lacking.

So when we saw that LifePro had introduced a massage gun with a heated attachment tip, we were skeptical. Very skeptical.

We had a lot of questions, like: Would it get warm enough to truly make a difference? Would it heat up the rest of the device, making it too hot to handle? Would it offer enough therapeutic value to warrant the feature in the first place?

The answer? We think so. That and more.

Here’s how it works. The Fusion FX comes with a dedicated flat ceramic massage head with a built-in heating element. Of the 5 attachments included, it’s the only one that will heat up.

For the full heating effect, you’ll need to preheat it. To do so, you simply flip the On switch, press the heat button on the back display, wait 10 minutes, and you’re golden. The attachment head will be super toasty. At that point, dial in your favorite settings and enjoy one of the most relaxing massages you’ll ever receive from a massage gun.

We’re not kidding, it feels really great.

We don’t know the actual temperature of the ceramic head, but word of caution, it is hot. Not hot enough to burn skin, but if left in one place too long it will get uncomfortable. So be sure to use good, safe practices when using the heating option.

Other Innovative Options

While the LifePro Fusion FX shares many of the same specs as other massage guns, it is not a one trick pony.

Unlike its competitors, the Fusion FX offers 3 unique preprogrammed selectable modes to optimize your recovery. Those modes are:

  • Continuous– Like other massage guns, the continuous mode maintains the same user specified speed. In this case, the Fusion FX has a 5 speed, brushless motor.
  • Variating- The motor starts slow and quickly escalates to its fastest setting and then resets creating an almost pulse-like effect.
  • Increasing- Likewise in this mode, the motor starts off slowly and every 3-4 seconds it changes to the next fastest speed until it reaches the highest and then starts all over.

We personally prefer the continuous mode, but extra options are always nice.

Another feature we like is the “pause” button. If you’re mid-massage and need to stop it, there’s a dedicated pause button you can use. Hit it again and it resumes right where you left off. No need to dial in your settings again as is required by other massage guns.

overview of controls on rear of the LifePro Fusion FX Heated Massage Gun


Design & Build

The initial quality of the LifePro Fusion FX is exceptional. It certainly ranks with the best of them. The polycarbonate shell is painted with an anodized-like blue finish that looks fantastic.

The removable battery is wrapped in a textured rubber that makes it easy and comfortable to hold.

The attachments firmly lock into place without feeling like they’re about to fall out. In the past we’ve had a few attachments shoot out of the socket, nearly hitting us in the face. Funny, not funny.

LifePro Fusion FX massage gun

It’s a small detail, but we very much like the rubber strips that line the sides of the body where the logos are printed on. Not only does it provide extra grip while laying on a table, but serves as protection from scuffs too. Call us particular, but we like it.

LifePro Fusion FX massage gun

As for overall size, the Sonic Fx has a body that is just marginally larger than the Hypervolt. It’s by no means obtrusive, however. Plus, added bonus, the weight is slightly less at 2.16lbs.

This is just a very solid, well put together massage gun.

Performance & Battery Life

The LifePro Fusion FX offers plenty of power for most individuals. The 5 speed motor runs at 1600-3200RPM and remains reasonably quiet on every speed.

One gripe we had was the overall speed between the 4th and 5th highest setting. To us, we didn’t notice much power increase if any. Nor was there any apparent increase in RPM whine which generally indicates that the motor is turning faster. Just an observation we had.

The amplitude or the overall travel length of the massage head is only rated at 10mm. That’s about 6mm less than the Pulse FX and 2mm less than the Ekrin B37. Does it really make a difference in the quality of the massage? Not really. Just keep in mind that if you want something with a lot of depth, you might want to look elsewhere.

Now on to battery life. On the lowest settings, the Fusion FX is rated as having 5 hours of battery life with a 2-3 hour charge time. We tried to determine if using the ceramic heating attachment had a measurable amount of drain on the battery. Fortunately, we only noticed a small difference. We reached out to LifePro to get their take and they said it shouldn’t have much impact. Seems accurate.

In The Box & Extras

The LifePro Fusion FX comes in a very attractive, sturdy molded case. Inside you will find 5 attachments, a charger, and documentation on how to use it. LifePro is a US based company and very responsive to inquiries or requests.

LifePro percussion massager

We’re not sure if it will be included in every box, but ours came with a postcard offer for a free vibrating massage ball if we registered our device right away. Not a bad deal considering they’re being sold for $50 on Amazon.

Additionally, LifePro offers a Lifetime Warranty on all massage guns. That’s really unheard of in this market. For a device like this that will get handled on a frequent basis, that’s comforting to have.

Summary: Should You Buy The LifePro Fusion FX?

All said and done, we came away impressed. Although the Fusion FX isn’t a huge departure from the many massage guns on the market, it does check all the right boxes. In the end, we heartily recommend it without reservations.

Fusion FX Pros

  • Heating feature that actually works
  • Solid build quality
  • 5 speed variable motor with 3 programs built in
  • Detachable battery you can swap out
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Attractive case and 5 attachments included

Fusion FX Cons

  • Motor sufficiently strong for most but some may prefer more power
  • Amplitude is 10mm

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