Recoup Cryosphere Massager: Lightning Review

Recoup Cryosphere Massager Review

If you’ve ever been injured or suffering from soreness, you’ve probably been told to “put some ice on it”. Sure, applying ice can be helpful, but you know how much of a hassle it can be. Holding the unwieldy ice pack or worse, Ziploc bag of ice. Trying to not freeze your hands. Keeping a towel on stand-by because you know the condensation is dripping everywhere.

All you really want, is to soothe your aches and pains without a lot of fuss. Am I right? If that’s the case, the Recoup Cryosphere is the answer.

Let’s get down to it. What is this massager and why do we recommend it?

Cryotherapy massage, made portable.

The Cryosphere is basically a gel-infused, stainless metal ball that is held inside a hard plastic casing. By design you’re able to roll the ball over your skin without the discomfort of freezing your hands. Alternatively, take it out of the case and you can effectively use it as a myofascial release/trigger point ball.

You may be asking, “Does it really get that cold?”. Yes, VERY.

man using cryotherapy massager on arm

Trying the massager out, it is shockingly cold.   Ultimately, after rolling it over some sore, inflamed joints from the morning workout, it was incredibly therapeutic. It feels fantastic! And having the ability to reduce inflammation while massaging the muscles, just genius.


The stainless steel ball is just over 3″ in diameter and is filled with 3.4 oz of cooling gel. Recoup states it will stay cold up to 6 hours. In our testing we didn’t confirm that, but it did stay cold for as long as we were using it.

The housing is covered in an easy-grip material that makes it super comfortable to hold. We never felt like it was about to slip our of our hands. The overall size of the housing lends itself to one-handed use.

Do we recommend it?

Without hesitation, yes. The Recoup Cryosphere would be a solid investment for anyone needing a cryotherapy type solution for muscle recovery or pain. It’s portable, well made, easy to use, fairly priced, and heck, beats a bag of frozen peas any day.

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