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The Mini Massage Gun Just Got…Minier??

What happens when you take your flagship massage gun, shrink it in half, and then do it again? You get the addsfit Mini.

Having just published our LifePro DynaMini review, we thought we had found the world’s smallest massage gun. That was the case until addsfit reached out and asked if we’d like to try out their all-new mini massager.

2 massage guns side by side

Frankly, our assumption was that it was going to be more of the same. We were wrong. Instead, the addsfit Mini takes all the best features of the DynaMini and one-ups it in size. Or is it one-down? Whatever. The point is, the addsfit Mini is ridiculously small and we love it.

addsfit Mini: A massage therapist in your pocket

For anyone that does any amount of traveling, you know how long hours in a car or on an airplane can leave you stiff, strained, and generally stressed. Who doesn’t yearn for the professional touch of a qualified therapist to work out the kinks upon arrival?

With that in mind, we recently took the diminutive addsfit Mini with us on a last-minute trip and so glad we did.

Weighing in at a featherlight 12.6oz and measuring 12.9cm x 4cm x 10.4cm, the addsfit Mini will unobtrusively slip into any carry-on bag, purse or even pocket. If there is such a thing as the perfect travel companion, this is it. The Mini may lack the conventional power of a full-sized massage gun, but it still outputs a respectable amount of percussive force. 22-27lbs of force to be exact.

What the addsfit Mini lacks in power, it more than makes up for in accessibility and portability.


There’s a lot to love about the design of the addsfit Mini. The all aluminum exterior housing is top shelf. Obviously it feels light in the hand, yet the build quality is solid as a rock.

Yes, the size is astounding, but what’s even more impressive is the amount of electronics that’s crammed into it. The non-removable battery alone is rated at 2500mAh. That’s huge! Comparatively, that’s the same battery capacity of the LifePro DynaLife and many others like it. How they accomplished that? No idea, but it’s impressive considering it also houses a brushless motor inside the body too.

addsfit Mini size

Speaking of which, powering on and going through all the speeds, the motor is smooth as butter. From 1600RPM all the way up to 3000RPM, there’s a total absence of rattles and creaks. The ultra low hum of the motor is certainly one of the quietest we’ve come across.


Aesthetics aside, likely the most important thing you want to know is how well the addsfit Mini performs. The best we can say is that the percussive force is strong, but only comparatively so. With 27lbs of max stall force power and an amplitude of 6mm, the massage is more along the lines of a vibration rather than a percussion. How so? Let us explain.

First you have to understand stall force. In the simplest of terms, it’s the amount of pressure that has to be applied to the massage head in order to stop the motor from moving. For instance, if you were to press down on your leg with a significant amount of downward pressure, the motor would stop percussing momentarily until you let up a little. On average, the highest performing massage guns have a stall force around 55-65lbs. That’s a lot of force and you’re likely to never need that much, ever. That is unless you want to end up bruised.

So as you can see, 27lbs isn’t going to give you an overly firm massage, but certainly enough to activate your muscles, increase blood flow to the area, and remain comfortable.

The second factor is amplitude. Amplitude is the amount of back and forth travel the massage head moves. The more amplitude you have, the deeper the massage, so at only 6mm, the addsfit Mini isn’t very deep. Hence the reason the massage feels more along the lines of a vibration rather than a percussion. Again, other massagers range from 10mm-16mm on average.

And with that, you can see how you’re compromising with the addsfit Mini. It’s the tradeoff that we’ve mentioned several times now. You get a little less performance for a lot more convenience. If that seems too much of a trade off, step up to the addsfit Max and you’ll be perfectly happy.

addsfit Mini vs Max addsfit Mini addsfit Max
Weight 0.36kg 0.9kg
Speeds 3 9
Stall Force Up to 27lbs Up to 35lbs
Amplitude 6mm 12mm
Battery Life 400 min 270 min
Included Massage Heads 2 5

What’s included?

Included with the addsfit Mini are two attachment heads, a USB-C cable, and a super portable carrying case.

Relative to other massage guns, you might think that only including two massage heads is a bit of a slight. After all, most include anywhere from 4 to upwards of 10 massage head attachments.

addsfit Mini carrying case

Here’s our take: two is the perfect amount. We use these things all the time and rarely do we ever switch out the attachments. The flat head and the bullet that come in the box are perhaps the two most popular ones most people will use anyways. We sure do. If anything, addsfit made a calculated decision to cut down on excess and we’re ok with their choice.

We’ve yet to mention it, but the addsfit Mini is charged by a USB-C cable. That’s great news since that’s now become more of a ubiquitous cable standard and most people are already using one. It’s handy that you won’t need to sling around yet another charger.

If you’re not sure the addsfit Mini will be for you, no worries! The Mini comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Plus, if you do love it, rest assured because a 3 year warranty is included too! Just be sure to register your massage gun after purchase.

Verdict: Should you buy the addsfit Mini?

Listen, if you’ve gotten to this point and you’re not convinced that the addsfit Mini will be the perfect go-to, go-anywhere massager you need, then don’t buy it. If you understand what you’re buying, the addsfit is by no means a compromise.

In fact, because of its size, we’ve actually been using the addsfit Mini much more than we use a full size massage gun because it’s just easier to handle.

We think once you add up all the convenience factors and then add in the very competitive price, your purchase decision becomes just that much simpler.

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