Use These Theragun Techniques for Muscle Relief and Relaxation

The year was 2008. Dr. Jason Wersland had been in a motorcycle accident that caused severe injuries that changed his life. Through his journey to healing, this chiropractor searched for a massage tool that would ease his pain and contribute to faster recovery, but couldn’t find anything available. Out of sheer need, he created his own tool. The very first Theragun was nothing more than a jerry-rigged hand mixer-tennis ball combo, but it worked and now we have Theragun techniques to share.

Eight years and many prototypes later, the first generation of the Theragun hit the market, and today the Theragun is probably the most popular (and highly priced) percussion massager on the market. 

Theragun percussive therapy is powerful. Like any powerful tool, it’s important to know how to use it effectively. We’ve got the info on Theragun techniques for you.

How Do You Use Theragun Effectively?

Theragun’s high price tag is worth it when you realize the various things that set it’s massage guns apart from the rest. In addition to the extras it offers (such as a carrying case, extra battery and attachment set) several professional athletes are brand ambassadors. By collaborating with sports stars like Kyrie Irving and Cristiano Ronaldo, Theragun has invested a lot into making their percussive therapy device genuinely helpful and highly marketable. 

Therabody Features

The Theragun Triangle is a patented, ergonomic handle that has three grips: standard, base and reverse/inverse. The Triangle provides the user with a better, more comfortable hold on the gun, especially for harder-to-reach places like the small of your back. 

If you have a fourth generation Theragun, you can connect your gun via Bluetooth® to your mobile device and Therabody’s app. Not only can you set your percussive massager to a custom speed, but you can also create recovery routines and find treatment ideas on the app. 

While the first generations of the app were a bit wonky, the app has been available for a couple of years now and is a great resource for Theragun users. 

Percussion Therapy: Theragun Techniques 

There are a whole bunch of videos on the Therabody website and its YouTube channel. In the videos, Dr. Jason Wersland describes the suggested technique for self-treatment in different areas of the body such as the quads, as well as for common ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome.  

Because different muscle groups have very different sizes and formations, it’s important to use the correct techniques so as to not worsen the problem. While the treatment for your arm muscles is different than for your core muscles and for the larger muscle in your legs, the basic Theragun techniques are the same:

  1. Pick up your massage gun and figure out which grip is going to work best for the area you’re going to be working on. In the instruction videos, Dr. Wersland offers tips on this. 
  2. Turn on your device and have a look at the battery indicator on the LED screen to make sure your Theragun device is charged. There’s nothing worse than being in the midst of a good massage, only to have the battery die.
  3. Set your speed. If you’re new to percussive massage therapy, start on the lower speeds for light pressure until you figure out what works for you. Always turn the gun on before putting it onto your body. 
  4. Place your Theragun directly on the sore muscle. In most of his videos, Dr. Wersland recommends applying the gun in 30 second sessions. 

Does Theragun Break Up Scar Tissues?

woman using a massage gun on her in a wheelchair

This is basically the premise upon which Theragun was born. As we discussed earlier, after Theragun founder Dr. Jason Wersland was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident, he was left scrambling for recovery tools that would help him to get his body and his life back on track. 

Scar tissue forms as the result of an injury. It can change over time and no longer inhibit range of motion, strength or mobility. Reaching this point, however, requires active therapy including stretching, exercise and massage. 

Many of us see our massage therapist only once a month (if at all), so using your own percussion therapy device at home can speed muscle recovery up. 

Percussive motion is helpful for remodeling scar tissue in the following ways:

  • Draws blood and nutrients to the area
  • Helps to clear away waste and toxins
  • Realigns collagen cells

How Does Remodeling Scar Tissue Help?

Scar tissue buildup can cause a number of problems, which can have a significant impact on your daily life. One of the easiest ways to remedy this is by using massage techniques to remodel the scar tissue so that it behaves like normal tissue. This can help to decrease your pain, improve your range of motion in the surrounding joints and muscles and restore normal mobility and function. 

Can Theragun Cause Damage?

Whether you use your gun after intense workouts or to treat chronic health conditions, knowing how to safely use the gun is important. The Theragun is a percussion massager, which makes it a very powerful tool that can be harmful if used improperly. Never apply your Theragun directly to your spine, bones or neck. 

You should also exercise great caution if applying your Theragun device to sprains or strains, inflammation-related injuries or broken bones. If you feel that Theragun may help your healing, speak with your healthcare professional before using your Theragun gun on the area. 

There has been some evidence that massage guns may help to accelerate sprained muscle recovery; we hope to see the evidence further supporting this. For now, it’s best to stick to using your massage gun as directed by your massage therapist or physical therapist. 

Bottom Line

There are a few effective Theragun techniques and tips for addressing your sore, tight muscles. While percussion therapy isn’t a hard and fast science yet (at least not according to medical science which relies on peer-reviewed studies), there are some best practices to be aware of. 

The bottom line is that professional athletes as well as physical therapists, massage therapists and other qualified health professionals believe in the benefits of the Theragun. It must be doing something right!

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